Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario
November 21, 1999



Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Benoit
Semi-Final Match for the WCW Heavyweight Tournament

Three consecutive German Suplexes by Benoit. Creative Control comes out. Flying Headbutt off the top rope on Jarrett. Creative Control pulled Benoit out. The referee is out and Creative Control attack Benoit. Dustin Rhodes comes out and helps Benoit. He attacks Creative Control. Benoit hit Jarrett with the guitar and got the win. He goes on to face either Bret Hart or Sting later tonight.



Evan Karagias with Madusa vs. Disco Inferno (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)
Winner gets $25,000 from Disco Inferno and the title

Tony Marianara came out and did commentating for the match. Disco gets a chair and hit Tony with it! Evan did a cross body off the top rope and got a win! He got $25,000 and the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.



Screamin' Norman Smiley vs. Brian Knobbs with Jimmy Hart
Winner gets the WCW Hardcore Champion

Norman came out with a hockey outfit on. The ring has various weapons in it: Hockey Stick, Trash Can, and more! Hart helps out Knobbs. Knobbs took off Norman's padding. The match is heading to the back. They end up at a food stand. They fight into a freight elevator. Jimmy Hart accidentally hit Knobbs and Norman got the pin. He is the new WCW Heavyweight Champion.



Dean Malenko, Saturn and Asya vs. Eddie Guerrero, Kidman, and Torrie Wilson with Konnan
Elimination Match

Shane Douglas is out doing commentary for the match. Asya got Torrie, but she got Asya! Torrie hurt her ankle. Kidman is pinned. Konnan left the ringside. Asya Vertical Suplexed Eddie. Eddie pinned Malenko. Eddie Frogsplashes Asya and gets the win. Saturn DVD's Eddie, but he breaks out of the pin. A Rings of Saturn on Eddie, and he tapped out. It is Saturn vs. Torrie. Torrie low blowed Saturn. Douglas left the commentating booth. Torrie was low blowed and Saturn got the win.



Curt Hennig vs. Buff Bagwell
Hang Up the Boots Match--the loser will be forced to retire

Before the match, Creative Control and Jeff Jarrett attacked Buff Bagwell. Creative Control and Jarrett came out instead of Bagwell. The three fight Hennig, but Buff comes out with a 2 x 4 and clears them out. The match finally starts. Buff applies the Buff Blockbuster and gets the win. Curt Hennig must hand up his boots.



Sting vs. Bret "The Hitman" Hart
Semi-Final Match for the WCW Heavyweight Tournament

They fight outside to the guard rail. The Total Package and Elizabeth come out with a ball bat. He gets Sting. Bret doesn't want the interference. Hart puts the Package in the Sharpshotter. The bell is rung. Due to interference Sting is disqualified. Bret Hart wants the match to continue! Scorpion Deathlock by Sting on Hart. Hart is reversing it into a Sharpshooter. Sting taps out! Bret Hart advances to fight Chris Benoit in the finals of the tournament. Sting and Hart shake hands.



Vampiro with Misfits vs. Berlyn with the Wall
Chain Match

The chain is attached to their necks. Steve Williams comes out along with Oklahoma. Vampiro was Chokeslammed by Berlyn. The Wall left the ringside area. Berlyn submitted as Vampiro did a Camel Clutch-like move with the chain on his neck. Steve Williams attacks both men.



The Total Package with Elizabeth vs. Meng

The Total Package has a hard cervical collar (neck brace) on. That keeps the Tongan Death Grip off of the Package. Elizabeth gets mace in the Package by mistake! Meng takes off the collar and gets the Tongan Death Grip on The Package and gets the pin!



Scott Hall (WCW TV and WCW US Champion) vs. ???

Due to Rick Steiner's injuries from Sid Vicious on Monday Nitro, he forfeited the title to Scott Hall. Hall has a challenge to anyone. The challenger is. . . Booker T! Booker T was Chokeslammed by Hall. Fallaway Slam by Hall, but Booker T gets up. Jeff Jarrett and Creative Control come out. The Outsider Edge is applied on Booker T. He gets the win and keeps both titles. The lights go out and Midnight is out and gets everyone but Booker T.



David Flair vs. Kimberly

David comes out with his crowbar. During the match, Kanyon comes out and helps Kimberly. Diamond Dallas Page is in the ring! He Diamond Cutters David. Arn Anderson comes out to help Flair. The match ended. David attacked Arn--he is crazy! People help Arn to the back.



Sid Vicious vs. Goldberg
I Quit Match

Sid Vicious Chokeslams Goldberg twice. Cobra Clutch on Sid Vicious. Sid never said "I Quit," but he became unconscious. The match goes to Goldberg.



Chris Benoit vs. Bret Hart
Finals for the WCW Heavyweight Tournament--Winner will be the new WCW Heavyweight Champion

Both men go for their finishers early on in the match. Dean Malenko is out and gets Benoit. Security takes Malenko away. Benoit Tombstoned Hart and he gets the Flying Headbutt off the top rope. Hart kicked out. Scott Hall knocked out the referee. Kevin Nash comes out with a chair, but Goldberg stops him. Hall hits Goldberg with the chair. Hart atomic Drops Hall. Another referee comes out--he is letting all these men fight. They stop fighting Hart and Benoit. Benoit has the Figure Four Leg Lock on Hart. Hart Superplexes Benoit. Benoit gets a German Suplex on Hart. The Sharpshooter is applied by Hart on Benoit. Benoit taps out and the new WCW champion is Bret Hart! Bret's family is in the ring to celebrate with him.

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