WORLD WAR 3 1998

Auburn Hills, Michigan
November 22, 1998


Diamond Dallas Page (WCW US Champion) vs. Bret Hart

As the referee was knocked out, Bret used an illegal object, and the nWo referee said DDP submitted to the Sharpshooter. Then the other referees came out and revived the first referee and told him what Hart did, and he gave the match to DDP.



60 Man Battle Royal
Winner Fights Bill Goldberg at Starrcade for WCW Championship

When there were ten men left in the battle royal, Bam Bam Bigelow came out, but Goldberg came in to stop him from attacking. The last three men were Scott Hall, Lex Luger, and Kevin Nash. Nash threw out both men to win the match

1. Alex Wright
2. Bobby Blaze
3. Bobby Eaton
4. Booker T.
5. British Bulldog
6. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
7. Chip Minton
8. Chris Adams
9. Chris Benoit
10. Ciclope
11. Damian
12. Dean Malenko
13. Disciple
14. Disco Inferno
15. Eddie Guererro
16. El Dandy
17. Giant
18. Glacier
19. Hector Garza
20. Horace
21. Hugh Morrus
22. Johnny Swinger
23. Juventud Guerrera
24. Kanyon
25. Kaz Hayashi
26. Kendall Windham
27. Kenny Kaos
28. Kevin Nash
29. Kidman
30. Konnan
31. La Parka
32. Lenny Lane
33. Lex Luger
34. Lizmark
35. Lodi
36. Mike Enos
37. Mongo
38. Norman Smiley
39. Perry Saturn
40. Prince Iaukea
41. Psychosis
42. Raven
43. Renegade
44. Rey Mysterio, Jr.
45. Rick Steiner
46. Riggs
47. Scott Hall
48. Scott Norton
49. Scott Putski
50. Scott Steiner
51. Sick Boy
52. Silver King
53. Stevie Ray
54. Super Calo
55. The Cat
56. Tokyo Magnum
57. Van Hammer
58. Villano V
59. Vincent
60. Wrath



Chris Jericho (WCW TV Champion) vs. Bobby Duncam, Jr.

As Duncam was distracted by Jericho's security guard, Chris attacked Bobby with his belt and then pinned him.



Scott Hall vs. Kevin Nash

Scott Hall came out with Eric Bischoff and Eric had the nWo attack Hall. Kevin Nash came out to help his former tag team partner.



Scott Steiner vs. Rick Steiner

Before the match began, Rick Steiner was attacked by several nWo members. As the nWo referee was going to count the pin, Goldberg came out to help Rick.



Juventud Guerrera (WCW Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Kidman

Before the match, Guerrera joined the LWo. Kidman used the Shooting Star Press to win his second Cruiserweight Championship.



Ernest Miller & Sunny Onoo vs. Saturn & Kaz Hayashi

Onoo pinned Saturn after Miller gave a Roundhouse Kick to the former member of the Flock.


Konan vs. Stevie Ray

Konan was mad and he pushed the referee, which got him disqualified. Several people beat up Stevie Ray, so Booker T came out to save him.



Wrath vs. Glacier

Wrath won with the Meltdown

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