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Norfolk, Virginia

November 29, 1995


Johnny B Badd (WCW TV Champion) defeated Diamond Dallas Page, who was accompanied by The Diamond Doll Kimberly.

Big Bubba Rogers defeated "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan in a Taped Fist Challenge

Bull Nakano and Akira Hokuta defeated Cutie Suzuki and Mayumi Ozaki when Nakano pinned Ozaki

Kensuki Sasaki (WCW US Champion) defeated Chris Benoit

Lex Luger got Randy Savage to submit

Sting got Ric Flair to submit in a Grudge Match

World War 3 Battle Royal
Winner receives the vacant WCW Heavyweight Championship

Scott Armstrong Lex Luger Randy Savage
Steve Armstrong Joey Maggs The Shark
Arn Anderson Meng Fidel Sierra
Johnny B Badd Hugh Morrus Dick Slater
Marcus Alexander Bagwell Max Muscle Mark Starr
Chris Benoit Scott Norton Sting
Big Train Bart One Man Gang Dave Sullivan
Bunkhouse Buck Paul Orndorff Kevin Sullivan
Cobra Diamond Dallas Page Super Assassin #1
Disco Inferno Buddy Lee Parker Super Assassin #2
Hacksaw Jim Duggan Brian Pillman Booker T
Bobby Eaton Craig Pittman David Taylor
Ric Flair Stevie Ray Bobby Walker
The Giant Steven Regal V K Wallstreet
Eddie Guerrero Scotty Riggs Pez Watley
Hulk Hogan Road Warrior Hawk Mike Winner
Mr. JL Big Bubba Rogers Alex Wright
Chris Kanyon Jerry Saggs James Earl Wright
Brian Knobbs Ricky Santana The Yeti
Kurasawa Kensuke Sasaki Zodiac

The winner is Randy Savage.  Although Savage won, Hulk Hogan was never eliminated, as he was pulled out from under the bottom rope by The Giant, without the referees seeing it.

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