TWA Arena
St. Louis, Missouri
May 9, 1999


Raven and Saturn vs. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko with Arn Anderson vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Kidman (WCW Tag Team Champions)
Three Way Dance

During the match Arn Anderson got in the ring and gave the Spine Buster to Saturn. Someone wearing a Sting mask came and attacked Rey. Raven then pinned Kidman after an Evenflow for the win to become new Tag Team Champions. The person under the mask was Kanyon.



Konnan vs. Stevie Ray with nWo Black and White

Rey Mysterio, Jr. comes out and helps Konnan pin Stevie Ray for the win.



Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Brian Knobbs
Hardcore Match

Bam Bam came out with a cart full of items to use. The match was a pinfalls count anywhere match. Bam Bam Bigelow got the win after a suplex through a table at a concession stand.



Booker T (WCW TV Champion) vs. Rick Steiner

During the match, Scott Steiner comes out and trips Booker T. Rick does the Bulldog off the middle rope to pin Booker T and become the new TV Champion.


Gorgeous George with Macho Man, Medusa, and Ms. Madness '99 vs. "Little Natch" Charles Robinson with Ric Flair and Asia
If George won, Macho Man would be reinstated in WCW

Charles came out dressed just like Ric Flair and during the match, he did the same moves the Flair does. George won the match with a flying elbow drop.



Scott Steiner (WCW US Champion) vs. Buff Bagwell

Rick Steiner comes out and hits Buff. Rick rolls him up for the pin after a Steiner Recliner to remain champion. Rick and Scott are now together again.



Ric Flair with Asia and Arn Anderson vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper
Whoever wins will control WCW

Ric changed the referee to Charles Robinson. Arn Anderson gets involved in the match, along with Asia, but Piper just kisses her. Piper hits the ref after some bad calls. Piper got Flair in the Figure 4 Leg Lock. Flair said yes, but Charles said no. Flair then uses some brass knuckles to hit Piper. He pins him for the win. Eric Bischoff comes out and says that he and the crowd saw Piper win the match. Bischoff makes Piper the winner. Piper then says that Flair is fired! Piper then thanks Eric.



Sting vs. Goldberg

During the match, Goldberg Spears Sting during a Stinger Splash! Bret Hart then comes out and hits Goldberg with a chair! Both Steiners come out and attack Goldberg. The match was thrown out.



Diamond Dallas Page (WCW Champion) vs. Kevin Nash

DDP takes the turnbuckle pad off of the turnbuckle. He shows the ref, so he can use a microphone on Kevin. But Kevin throws DDP into the exposed turnbuckle. DDP manages a Diamond Cutter on the floor. Nash Powerbombs DDP and goes for the win, but Macho Man comes out and helps DDP, and gets him disqualified. But the match will continue--no disqualification. DDP tries to hit Nash with a chair, but it ricochets off the rope onto his head! DDP low blows Nash, but he manages a Jackknife Powerbomb for the win and a new WCW Heavyweight Champion!

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