Independence Arena
Charlotte, North Carolina
May 18, 1997



Steven Regal vs. The Ultimo Dragon (WCW TV Champion) with Sonny Onoo

After Onoo turned on The Ultimo Dragon, Regal Suplexed him and did the Regal Stretch to get The Ultimo Dragon to submit. Steven Regal won the WCW TV Championship.



Luna Vachon vs. Madusa

Madusa got the win with a German Suplex Bridged Pin.



Interview with Randy Savage. He made fun of Diamond Dallas Page. DDP came out and was attacked by Savage and the nWo. The Giant came out and saved DDP by attacking the whole nWo.



Rey Mysterio, Jr. (WCW Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Yuji Yasuroka

As Yuji did a top rope jump, Rey countered with a Dropkick. Ray then did a Springboard Hurricanrana and got the pin to remain champion.



Glacier vs. Mortis

In under two minutes of wrestling, Mortis's manager James Vandenburg and Wrath attacked Glacier. The three attacked Glacier until a fan came out to save Glacier. The fan was Ernest Miller.



Dean Malenko (WCW US Champion) vs. Jeff Jarrett with Debra McMichael

Steve McMichael came out to get his wife, and he threw Jarrett back to the ring as he was trying to escape. Dean got him and hit a Powerbomb and then applied a Texas Cloverleaf to get Jarrett to submit.



Meng with Kevin Sullivan vs. Chris Benoit with Woman
Death Match

Meng got a Tongan Death Grip on Benoit, but he refused to submit. However, he became unconscious and the referee ended the match, giving the win to Meng.



The Steiner Brothers (WCW Tag Team Champions) vs. Hugh Morris and Konnan

Morris missed a Moonsault, allowing Scott Steiner to Frankensteiner Morris and Rick Steiner pinned him to retain the titles. Morris and Konnan argued over the loss, with Konnan DDTing Morris and leaving the Dungeon of Doom.



Reggie White vs. Steve McMichael

When McMichael tried to run away, Gilbert Brown of the Packers tossed McMichael back in the ring. Debra McMichael and Jeff Jarrett came out. Debra faked an ankle injury allowing Jarrett to give McMichael a steel briefcase. He used it on White to get the pin.



Roddy Piper, Ric Flair and Kevin Greene vs. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Syxx

Team WCW won by Ric Flair pinning Hall in a Figure Four Leg Lock while Greene pinned Syxx with a Powerslam and Piper got a Sleeper Hold on Nash.

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