America Airlines Arena
Miami, Florida
March 19, 2000



The Artist (WCW Cruiserweight Champion) with Paisley vs. Psychosis with Juventud Guerrera

Chris Candido comes out before the match begins and commentates. Juventud kisses Paisley and is slapped for it. Psychosis gets a Guillotine Leg Drop on The Artist. Paisley distracted Psychosis. The Artist gets a DDT and the win.



Lane & Rave vs. The Demon & Screamin Norman Smiley

Ms. Hancock comes out to commentate. Lane and Rave get rid of her from their side. Lane gets a Front Russian Leg Sweep on Smiley. Smiley gets the Norman Conquest on Lane and he taps out. The Demon and Smiley attack the losers and Ms Hancock goes to the ring. Ms Hancock gets a Big Wiggle on Smiley. Billy Silverman gets a Big Wiggle on Ms Hancock.



Bam Bam Bigelow vs. The Wall

The match goes to the entranceway. Bam Bam is chokeslammed through a computer table. David Flair and Crowbar come out and attack the Wall, but he attacks them. Paramedics come out to help Bam Bam Bigelow. Crowbar and the Wall go to the back. They got to the top of the entranceway. The Wall Chokeslams Crowbar off the entranceway through a stage!



Three Count (WCW Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Brian Knobbs
Gauntlet Match

Knobbs starts out by going behind the WCW.com set at the entranceway. He takes out a cart full of hardcore weapons. Knobbs does Pity City on Three Count. Helms gives Knobbs a chairshot. Three Count jumps off of the ladder onto Knobbs. Knobbs sprays Three Count with a Fire Extinguisher. Brian Knobbs pins Shane Helms after a chairshot to the head. Brian Pins Evan Karagious after throwing him through a chair. Brian sets a table into the ring, but Brian is dropkicked into the table. Moore almost gets a pin, but his leg was on the ropes. Brian Knobbs throws a ladder onto Karagious on the outside. Moore is hit by the belt. Moore is hit with a trashcan off the middle rope and is pinned. Brian Knobbs wins the title.



Booker & Kidman with Torrie vs. Harlem Heat 2000 with Jay Biggs and Cassius

Kidman is thrown into the guardrail. Kidman was thrown from the ring to the floor. Kidman Hurricane Bulldogs Stevie Ray. A double Spinebuster on Booker. Kidman saves his partner from being pinned. Kidman does a Sunset Flip on Big T and gets the quick win!



Fit Finlay vs. Vampiro
Falls Count Anywhere

The match ends up at the commentators table. They both end up in the crowd. They end up in the women's bathroom, but they leave to go to the men's bathroom! Vampiro is hit with a trashcan. They end up at the concession stands. They end up outside of the arena! Vampiro was almost thrown over a ledge outside. They go back inside and Vampiro did a Nail in the Coffin on Finlay on the concrete floor and he gets the win.



The Harris Brothers vs. The Mamalukes (WCW Tag Team Champions) with Disco Inferno

Big Vito gives a top rope elbow drop on Heavy D. Double Spine Busters on Johnny the Bull. Heavy D is hit with a belt. The Harris Boys get the win and the titles.



Dustin Rhodes vs. Terry Funk
Bull Rope Match

Terry Funk brought out a chicken. A person in a chicken costume comes in and slaps Dustin and the chicken is chased back. Terry attacks him as he is returning to the ring. The Bull Rope is attached to both men. The chicken comes back and attacks Dustin, but he attacks him with the bell. Terry turns this into an I Quit Match. Terry hit the referee with the bell. Dustin said that he quit the match. The referee came back in and said that is not the way that a match like that is won. Dustin then hit Funk in the head with the cowbell and Piledrived him onto the bell and got the win.


The Total Package with Elizabeth vs. Sting
Lumberjack with Casts Match
Lumberjacks: Brian Knobbs, Fit Finlay, Vampiro, Jimmy Hart, Curt Hennig, Hugh Morris, Big T, Cassius, Harris Brothers

Total Package apologizes for breaking everyone's arms. Some of the lumberjacks chased each other away. Ric Flair came out and attacked Vampiro with Elizabeth with a bat. Sting Stinger Splashes Flair! Elizabeth attacks Sting. Sting is put in a Rack, but Vampiro hits the Total Package. Sting counters and gets a pin on The Total Package. Sting and Vampiro hugged each other.



Jeff Jarrett vs. Sid Vicious (WCW Heavyweight Champion)
No Disqualification

The match ends up in the crowd, and eventually into the dressing rooms. They go back to the ring, but the Harris Brothers are with him. Sid is put into a Sleeper Hold, but gets up. The referee is knocked out. Sid is hit with a guitar. Mark Johnson, the referee comes out. Hulk Hogan came out behind him and knocked out the referee. Hogan gets a Leg Drop on Jarrett. Scott Steiner came out and attacked Hogan with a guitar. Ric Flair comes out and his match begins. During all of this Jarrett was pinned by Vicious.


Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair with Jimmy Hart
Yapapah Indian Strap Match

Ric Flair ends up bleeding. They fight to the entranceway. The Total Package comes out to attack Hogan. Hogan ends up bleeding. Flair lowblows Hogan. Flair ended up using an illegal object, but Hogan got his second wind and got up! He dragged Flair to three corners but The Total Package came in. Hogan gave him a boot to the face and dragged Flair to the fourth corner. Hogan won the match.

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