Tupelo, Mississippi
Attendance: 9,000
March 24, 1996


Konnan (WCW US Champion) vs. Eddy Guerrero

Konnan headbutted Eddy in the groin as he was going for a Hurricanrana. Konnan got the win to retain his title.



Steven Regal vs. Fit Finlay

After Regal started bleeding, fellow Bluebloods Bobby Eaton and David Taylor cam into the ring, disqualifying Regal.



Madusa vs. Col. Robert Parker
Intergender Match

The victor seemed to be Madusa, but Dick Slater hit her without the referee seeing, allowing Parker to get the win.



The Bootyman vs. Diamond Dallas Page
If Page lost, he would retire, if he won, he would get back Kimberly and $6.5 million

During the match, Page tried to kiss Kimberly, but she slapped him, allowing the Bootyman to pin him.



The Giant vs. Loch Ness

In less then three minutes, the Giant won, after executing a Leg Drop.



Sting and Booker T vs. Legion of Doom
Chicago Street Fight Match

During the match, Animal and Booker T fought to the back. In the back, Lex Luger and Stevie Ray attacked Animal and handcuffed him to a pole. Back in the ring it was two on one. Stevie Ray came out and hit Hawk with a chair, allowing Booker T to get the pin. Sting did not see what Stevie Ray had done.



Hollywood Hogan and Randy Savage
Doomsday Match--The two have to fight their way through four sections of a three tiered cage, battling four teams of two to win.

They started in the top cage, battling Arn Anderson and Ric Flair. After several minutes, they escaped into the first room of the middle cage, where Barbarian and Meng awaited. In a moment of quick thinking, Savage and Hogan slipped into the other room of the middle tier, locking Barbarian and Meng by themselves. Hogan and Savage now had to battle Kevin Sullivan and Lex Luger, and somehow the battle spilled out of the cage and into the arena. Hogan and Savage eventually made it to the bottom cage, where Zeke Gangsta and the Ultimate Solution were waiting. However, Flair, Anderson and Luger made their way into the bottom cage as well, and things looked grim for Hogan and Savage, until the Bootyman emerged, handing Hogan and Savage frying pans to use as weapons, and allowing Savage to score a pinfall on Flair for the victory.

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