Baltimore Arena
Baltimore, Maryland
July 14, 1991



P N News and Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs. Steve Austin and Terry Taylor
Scaffold Match

The match took place on a scaffold that was twenty-five feet above the ring. Eaton made his way to the other side to capture his flag, winning the match for him and P N News. After the bell, Taylor was knocked off the scaffolding.



Yellow Dog vs. Johnny B Badd

Yellow Dog won by disqualification as Teddy Long interfered. It was believed that Yellow Dog was Brian Pillman in a mask. If Pillman had wrestled then, he would have been banned from wrestling.



Ron Simmons vs. Oz

Ron Simmons got the win after a Shoulderblock.



Blackblood vs. Big Josh

Big Josh got the win with an Inside Cradle.



Dustin Rhodes, Tracey Smothers and Steve Armstrong vs. The Fabulous Freebirds
Six Man Elimination Match

Michael Hayes eliminated Armstrong. Hayes was then disqualified. Jimmy Garvin pinned Smothers. Dustin Rhodes then pinned Garvin. Dustin Rhodes pinned Badstreet after a Bulldog Headlock. Rhodes was the sole survivor.



Tom Zenk vs. Diamond Studd

Diamond Studd won with a Belly-to-Back Suplex into a pin.



El Gigante vs. One Man Gang

El Gigante won after a Clothesline.



Ricky Morton vs. Robert Gibson

Ricky Morton pinned Robert Gibson after he grabbed Alexander York's laptop computer and hit Gibson on the head and then did a roll up pin. The referee was Bill Alfonso.



Sting vs. Nikita Koloff
Russian Chain Match

Nikita Koloff got the win by touching all four corners of the ring.



Lex Luger vs. Barry Windham
Cage Match for the Vacant WCW Heavyweight Championship

Both Harley Race and Mr. Hughes came out and distracted Widham allowing Luger to Piledrive Windham and pin him to win the WCW Heavyweight Championship.



Rick Steiner and Missy Hyatt vs. Arn Anderson and Paul E Dangerously

During the match, Dick Murdoch and Dick Slater came out and kidnapped Missy. Later on in the match, Paul accidentally knocked out Arn with his cellular phone. He was then Steinerlined and pinned. Rick Steiner won the match.

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