National Car Rental Center
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
July 11, 1999


The Cat with Sonny Onoo vs. Disco Inferno

Disco hit the Cat with his shoe, but he didn't get the pin. After the Cat kicked him twice without the shoe and once with it, The Cat pinned Disco Inferno for the win.



Rick Steiner (WCW TV Champion) vs. Van Hammer

After a few low blows and a Bulldog off of the top rope, Rick Steiner pinned Van Hammer to retain the Television Championship.



David Flair (WCW US Champion) with Ric Flair, Torrie, Little Natch, Arn Anderson and Asya vs. Dean Malenko

After Arn Anderson attacked the referee, Little Natch took the referee's shirt and became the referee. Dean manages to Cloverleaf Asya, but Ric hits him with the US Belt. Ric throws David on top and he gets the win to retain the championship and become 10-0.



Curt Hennig, Bobby Duncum Jr., Barry Windham and Kendall Windham vs. Swoll, BA, Konnan, and Rey Mysterio Jr.
8 Man Elimination Tag Match



Hardcore Invitational Junkyard Match
Participants include: Brian Knobbs, La Parka, Jerry Flynn, Public Enemy, Silver King, Steven Regal, Horace Hogan, Fit Finlay, Dave Taylor, Hak, Hugh Morrus, Ciclope, and Mikey Whipwreck

To win, the wrestler had to climb over a fence and land on the ground. The match took place in a junkyard; cars were stacked to make a circle with an opening leading to the fence. Jimmy Har was there sitting on a car with a motorcycle helmet. Throughout the match, various parts of cars were used. Fit Finlay was almost crushed in a car crushing machine. Fit Finlay was the winner after he knocked a barrel of fire onto a car that blocked the path out. The car caught on fire and exploded.



The Triad (WCW Tag Champs) vs. Saturn and Chris Benoit

The match started off with Bam Bam Bigelow and Diamond Dallas Page fighting, but as is the Triad's tradition, Kanyon was tagged in a few times making it three on two. The referee was knocked out and Kanyon threw powder in Saturn's face. Page accidentally hit Kanyon with a bucket. Page managed then to get a Diamond Cutter on Saturn and get the win.



Buff Bagwell vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper with Ric Flair
Boxing Match with referee Mills Lane

Buff got on the mic and said since Piper had Ric Flair with him, he called out his mother "Judge" Judy Bagwell to be in his corner. In the second round, Flair sprayed a substance on Piper's gloves. Judy came in during the third round and bit Roddy Piper's ear and threw Buff's spit bucket on Piper's head. Buff did a Buff blockbuster to get the pin.



Sid Vicious and Macho Man with Gorgeous George, Madusa, Ms. Madness 99, and Asya vs. Sting and Kevin Nash (WCW Heavyweight Champion)
Whoever pins Kevin Nash will become the new champion

Early on in the match, Gorgeous George goes over and stays by Nash. Madusa and Ms Madness come into the ring, but they both get a Stinger Splash by Sting. Gorgeous George low blows the champ. Macho Man then goes for an Elbow off of the Top Rope. He gets the pin and becomes the new WCW Heavyweight Champion.

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