Cox Arena
San Diego, California
July 12, 1998


Raven vs. Saturn
Raven's Rules Match

Raven pinned Saturn after an Evenflow DDT, with interference from Kanyon and Saturn


Juventud Guerrera vs. Kidman

Guerrera pinned Kidman after a 450 Splash


Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Stevie Ray

Ray won when Chavo purposely submitted to a knucklelock


Konnan with Lex Luger and Kevin Nash vs. Disco Inferno with Alex Wright

Konnan used the Tequila Sunrise to make Disco submit


Eddie Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Hair vs. Hair Match

Eddie pinned Chavo with a Small Package, but Chavo decided to shave his own hair off himself!


Kevin Greene vs. The Giant

The Giant pinned Kevin Greene after a Chokeslam


Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. Chris Jericho (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Mysterio won when Dean Malenko came down and distracted the champion, but he didn't receive the title


Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Booker T (WCW TV Champion)

Bret Hart was disqualified after he used a steel chair on Booker T


Bill Goldberg (WCW/nWo Heavyweight Champion & US Champion) vs. Curt Hennig

Goldberg pinned Hennig after a Jackhammer.


Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman vs. Diamond Dallas Page & Karl Malone

Hogan and Rodman won when the Disciple interfered

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