Conseco Fieldhouse
Indianapolis, Indiana

January 14, 2000
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Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Shane Helms
Chavo and Helms locked up, and Helms slipped on an armbar. Chavo made it to the ropes and the hold was broken. Another lock up, this time Chavo locked on a full nelson. The two traded knife edge chops and Helms hit two arm drags. Helms picked up Chavo and slammed his head on his knee. Chavo regained himself and tossed Helms to the floor. After a short brawl, Chavo rolled up Helms in the ring for a quick two count. A series of near falls by both men followed. Chavo hit a low blow, which got him a warning by the referee. Chavo hit a nice standing dropkick for another two count. Helms fired back with an atomic drop and a reverse neckbreaker. Both men went down and stayed there for an eight count. Helms got his share of near falls with an X-Plex. Shane hit the "Sugar Smack" but Chavo got his foot on the rope. Outside, Chavo hit a suicide dive. Another brief stint in the ring followed and Shane hit a dive of his own. The crowd was popping loudly by now. Helms hit a super sunset flip from the top for a two. Helms signaled for the Vertibreaker. Chavo blocked it but Helms hit the "Nightmare on Helm Street." Chavo kicked out. Chavo missed a tornado DDT, but landed a brainbuster to retain. Great match!



Big Vito vs. Reno
Reno ran to the ring and engaged in a stare down with Vito. Reno busted out with punches and powerslammed Vito. Outside, Reno continued the assault by running Vito into the safety rail and ringsteps. Man, this is hell typing with two guys whose names rhyme. Vito finally showed some life with a lariat. He sat Reno on the top rope and delivered several punches to the face. A shaky superplex followed for a two count. The crowd was hot. Vito continued with a belly-to-back suplex. He made a mistake by charging at Reno and caught the ringpost. Outside again, Reno concentrated on Vito's back using the ring apron. Back inside, Reno hit a knee drop on Vito. Vito countered with a big kick. Both men went down for another double count out situation. Back on their feet, Vito hit a clothesline and a suplex. Up top, Vito landed a splash. Reno took back over and called for a roll of the dice. Vito blocked it and hit a suplex. Reno rolled the dice moments later to win. Surprisingly, this was a good match.



Jung Dragons vs. Jamie Knoble & Evan Karagias
Karagais and Kaz Hyashi started off. Lots of quick action, with Kaz hitting an overhead release suplex. Knoble tagged and all four men were in the ring. Dragons spilled outside and hit a double moonsault on their opponents. Incredible move. After a lengthy exchange, Knoble Hurricanrana-ed Yang to the floor. Up top, Kaz went off for a splash and caught a dropkick from Karagais. Karagais followed with a front slam for the first near pin. Knoble tagged and hit a drop toehold. The match got a little messy here, as it was hard to tell who was the legal man. Karagias came in and delivered a spinebuster to Kaz. Karagias missed a spot where he launched off the ropes. Kaz kicked the hell out of Knoble on the back of the head. Yang got a hot tag and dropkicked both Karagias and Knoble. Yang singled out Knoble and powerbombed him from the top rope. Karagias attacked Yang and showboated. After the posing, he hit a new move called the "Firebird splash." Yang missed a moonsault on Knoble, allowing Knoble to get the sneak win. This match was a treat. After the match, Knoble and Karagias continued to attack the Dragons until separated by the referee.



The Cat vs. Mike Sanders
Winner is Commissioner of WCW
Cat had his head shaved. Both men showed off to the crowd for several minutes before the match started. When it finally did, Sanders trapped Cat and choked him out. Sanders punched out Cat in the corner but Cat came back with a lariat. Sanders took a break outside. A game of cat and mouse followed, with Sanders winning. Cat regrouped but went back down after a finger to the eye. Finally, Cat took Sanders off his feet with a barrage of kicks. Sanders hit a low blow and put Cat in a sleeper. Cat battled out and smacked Sanders down with an elbow. Cat started dancing and Sanders pleaded for him to stop. It was a ploy, and Cat found himself attacked on the floor. Sanders got a chair but Miss Jones took it away. Jones kicked Sanders and chased him around the ring with the chair! With the referees back turned, Mark Jindrak & Sean Stasiak ran out and destroyed Cat. Kronik ran out to a face pop and took care of the Thrillers. Kronik jumped in the ring and stuffed Sander's money in his mouth! Cat hit the Feliner to win!



Team Canada vs. The Filthy Animals
Canadian Penalty Box Match--Referee Jim Duggan
Team Canada arrived in their graffiti free bus. Storm accused Duggan of being in the Animals' back pocket. The penalty boxes were located in the entrance way. They had a red light on them and when it went out, the person inside could rejoin the match. Duggan said he was calling it right down the middle. Storm and Rey Mysterio started off. Lance was taken off his feet with a head scissors. Skipper ran in without being tagged and was thrown in the penalty box. Awesome ran in and he got put in the box. Storm was left all alone for a triple team. Awesome and Skipper were released from the box. Kidman and Mysterio took turns on Storm. Storm tagged to Skipper and hit an atomic drop on Kidman. Awesome and Storm cheated and were forced to go into the box. After a short stay, they were let free. Konnan caught Skipper in a reverse DDT. Skipper came back with a missile drop kick. Awesome saw his first action against Konnan. Tygress and Gunns yelled at each other outside, so Hacksaw had to separate them. When he turned his back, he found Kidman and Mysterio were cheating so they got sent to the box. Confused yet? Tygress poured water all over Gunns and the ladies went at it. The ladies went in the box. Everyone got out of the box and everything was back to normal. Konnan hit a facebuster on Storm. All hell broke loose outside, and Awesome tried to cut Kidman's hair. Another penalty box trip for Awesome. Kidman hit the Kid Krusher on Storm, but Awesome saved him. Finally, it ended when Storm caught Kidman in the half crab and he submitted. What a mess.



Terry Funk (WCW Hardcore Champion) vs. Meng vs. Crowbar
Meng came out with the Hardcore belt. As Funk entered, Daffney was sitting in the crowd and spilled a drink all over him. Crowbar ran out of the crowd and smacked Funk with a chair. The two battled backstage with Meng making his way back as well. Funk and Crowbar hit each other with mops in the women's bathroom. Funk took apart Crowbar using the toilet stalls. Meng showed his face for the first time, hitting Funk with a mop bucket. Back in the arena, Meng handled both Crowbar and Funk with ease. Funk and Crowbar had to team up to take out Meng. Both men toppled six tables on Meng. Crowbar shot Funk with a fire extinguisher. Crowbar positioned Funk on a table and climbed up the seating. He jumped off for a spectacular looking spot…and the camera missed it totally. Instead of seeing a great spot, we see some guy's hairy arm standing near the ring. Meng came back and traded shots with Crowbar. Meng delivered a sidekick to Crowbar and he went rolling down the entrance. Funk came back with a snow shovel. He got a chair and hit Crowbar several times. Crowbar put Funk's leg in between a chair and smashed it. Crowbar locked on the figure four on Funk. Meng flew off the top and wiped out Crowbar. Funk and Crowbar must have hit Meng with twenty chairshots. Meng locked on the death grip on Funk to win.



The Insiders (WCW Tag Team Champions) vs. Chuck Polumbo & Sean O'Haire
Palumbo & Stasiak came out, followed by the Insiders, and then the rest of the Thrillers came out. Sanders said that if he felt a substitution was necessary, he would make it with any of the Thrillers. Enter Ric Flair. Flair came out with a host of security and told the Thrillers to go backstage or be fined and suspended. Page and Palumbo started off with a fistfight. Page ducked clothesline attempts by Palumbo and landed one of his own. Page hit a chokeslam and knocked Palumbo to the floor. Back inside, O'Haire took a bodyslam from Nash. The two locked up again and Nash took Sean off his feet again with a backhand. O'Haire came back with a superkick. Palumbo was quickly tagged and the Thrillers double teamed Nash. Palumbo had his way with Nash for a few minutes and was then hit with the snake eyes. Page tagged and cross-bodied Palumbo for a two. Thrillers took advantage of a Page misstep and put on another double team. Thrillers utilized quick tags and took apart Page. DDP regained his strength while Palumbo showboated for Nash. Page hit a Piledriver on Palumbo and gave the hot tag to Nash. Nash destroyed both Thrillers with side slams. Shawn Stasiak & Reno ran down the aisle to distract the referee. Nash jackknifed Palumbo. With the ref distracted, Lex Luger attempted to hit Nash with a chair. Page saw it and brawled with Luger in the crowd. Out ran Buff with a wig on and blasted Nash with a wrench. O'Haire hit a Seanton bomb on Nash and got the victory.



Shane Douglas vs. General Rection (WCW US Champion)
First Blood/Chain Match
Rection ran to the ring and chased out the Franchise. Here's the deal: there is a chain hanging from the roof, but there was not ladder out for them to climb on. Go figure. Before the match, the ref checked Douglas' tights and found another chain hidden. The two locked up and Rection picked up Douglas for a slam. The General locked Douglas in an armbar and turned it into an armdrag takedown. Rection punched Douglas in the face and looked up at the chain as if he wanted to get it, but there wasn't material there for him to get it. Douglas came back with a low blow. Rection went for his moonsault and was tripped up on the top. Douglas worked over Rection's knee using the ropes. A figure four was used to wear down Rection's knee even more. Douglas got distracted by the crowd and allowed the General to take over. The battle went into the crowd and Douglas had the advantage. The Franchise wrapped Rection's knee around the ringpost and pulled hard. Back inside, Shane locked on a chinlock. The chain remained untouched. Rection got a second wind and powerslammed Douglas. He hobbled around and got a ladder from underneath the ring. He blasted Douglas with the ladder and attempted to get the chain. He got the chain but was thrown off the ladder. The referee took a bump, and Douglas pulled out another chain from his boot. He hit Rection with the chain and he started bleeding. Shane Douglas wins!



Totally Buff vs. Goldberg & Sarge
No Disqualification Match

Luger and Buff cowered away for the first few minutes. Goldberg and Luger locked up, with Goldberg taking Luger to the corner for several kicks. Luger was tossed into the ropes and Goldberg hit a huge mid-ring shoulder block. Luger had enough of Goldberg and tagged Buff in. Bagwell punched out Goldberg and suplexed him. Buff started dancing and Goldberg attacked Buff from behind. He slammed Buff to the mat and tagged in Sarge. Sarge kicked Buff in the midsection and used his cast as a weapon. Sarge beat the hell out of Buff and launched off the second rope with an elbow drop. Luger stuck his nose in and Sarge punched it. Buff finally caught Sarge while he was down and double-teamed him with Luger. Buff slammed Sarge into the safety rail. More double-teaming was used on Sarge. Buff and Luger went for the pin on Sarge several times but Goldberg broke it up. Sarge battled back, hitting a suplex on Buff. Hot tag was made to Goldberg. Luger spotted the kid that was backstage getting an autograph from Goldberg. Luger hassled him and Goldberg came to the save. Suddenly, the kid sprayed Goldberg with mace! Luger hit Goldberg with a chair. The fan and Luger shook hands. More chairshots on Goldberg by Luger. Blockbuster on Goldberg! Luger covers Goldberg, and the match is over!



Scott Steiner vs. Sid Vicious vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Mystery Opponent
Ric Flair came out and said the mystery man will come out at anytime and that Steiner needed to start defending the title now. Steiner went after Flair and Jarrett stopped him. The match started and Jarrett/Steiner worked together again Sid. Sid took the match outside and slammed Steiner into the safety rail. Jarrett took a huge bodyslam by Sid and Steiner got several punches. Jarrett proved loyal to Steiner. He had the pin on Sid but gave it up. Sid was double teamed and taken down methodically by Jarrett and Steiner. Out in the crowd, Jarrett choked out Sid using the rail. Steiner smacked Sid with the World title belt. Back inside, Sid came back and went for a powerbomb on Jarrett, but Steiner stopped it. Strange things started happening, and Steiner let Jarrett have a pin attempt. Sid double suplexed Steiner and Jarrett! Sid double clotheslined both his opponents and chokeslammed Jarrett. He couldn't get the pin. Backstage, Flair got the mystery man. The man was still in the crazy outfit. Steiner worked over Sid while the mystery man made his way out. Out he came, walking out slowly. The mystery man attacked Sid and Steiner won. He unmasked, and it was Road Warrior Animal…

Something really weird was going on in the last few seconds of the main event. When the mystery man ran out, so did an older man with glasses. He jumped in the ring and started working on Sid, like he was a trainer. The man quickly backed off when he realized that the match wasn't over. Steiner got the pin and the man continued to work. It looks like Sid may have injured his leg.

Souled Out 2000
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