Cincinatti, Ohio
January 16, 2000



Kidman vs Dean Malenko
Dungeon Match

During the match, Dean rolled out of the ring and started to walk away. According to the rules of the match, the first person to leave the ring lost, so Dean Malenko lost his match.



Vampiro vs David Flair vs Crowbar

David Bellty to Back Suplexes Crowbar after he stopped David from pinning Vampiro. A Nail in the Coffin by Vampiro on David gives Vampiro the win.



The Harris Boys vs Big Vito and Johnny the Bull with Disco Inferno

Disco throws Big Vito onto Johnny the Bull, allowing the Harris to pin the Italien wrestlers.



Oklahoma vs Madusa (WCW Cruiserweight Champion) with Spice

Asya and Spice attack Oklahoma, but he manages to quickly roll up Madusa and hold her tights and get the win. Oklahoma won the WCW Cruiserweight Champion! Madusa then poured Oklahoma's barbeque sauce down his tights.



Norman Smiley vs Fit Finley vs Meng vs Brian Knobbs (WCW Hardcore Champion)
Four the Hardway Match

Brian Knobbs won this four way hardcore match by using the riot shield that Smiley wore into the ring on him to retain the title.



Kidman vs Saturn
Bunkhouse Brawl

Saturn does an Elbow off the Top Rope on Kidman. Kidman then does a Short Powerbomb on Saturn. They set up a table outside but don't use it. Later on, Saturn did a German Suplex throught the table with Kidman. However, Kidman got up enough strength to pin Saturn.



Booker T vs Stevie Ray

Booker T sends Midnight to the back before the match began. During the match, a man comes out (he looks like the former Ahmed Johnson from the WWF with a few pounds put on) and attacks Booker T. The bell is rung. Stevie Ray calls the man Big T. He says that he and Big T are the new Harlem Heat! They leave together.



Tank Abbott vs Jerry Flynn
Shootfight Rules

Tank Abbott totally dominated Flynn in the match and he won in about two minutes.


Diamond Dallas Page vs Buff Bagwell
Last Man Standing Match

The match quickly went to the outside of the ring. They both ended up at's booth. Buff climbed the sign and jumped off onto DDP onto the table! They both then took the computers and hit each other with them! Back in the ring, Buff does a Buff Blockbuster on DDP. Buff uses a riot baton on DDP, but DDP does a Diamond Cutter on Buff. Kimberly comes out to wach. Buff stood up before the ten count, but DDP didn't. Buff Bagwell won. DDP hit Buff with the baton and then he left with Kimberly.



Kidman vs Mystery Opponent
Caged Heat

Shane Douglas comes out to announce Kidman's mystery opponent: The Wall! The match took place in a 25 foot roofed cage! During the match, The Wall goes for a Chokeslam, but Kidman counters it into a Hurricanrana. The Wall ends up winning, though, with a Chokeslam.



Kevin Nash vs Terry Funk
Hardcore Match, If Nash wins his is Comissioner, if Funk wins, the nWo is disbanded

Nash Powerbombs Funk through the commentator's table. Funk and Nash both hit each other with a chair at the same time. Nash Powerbombs Funk on a folded chair on two unfolded chairs. Nash then gets the win to become the new WCW Comissioner.



Chris Benoit vs Sid Vicious
Winner Receives the Vacant WCW Heavyweight Championship; Referee: Arn Anderson

Dozens of wreslters come out to watch the match at the enteranceway. Benoit gets a Figure Four Leglock on Sid, but he reverses it. Benoit gets a German Suplex on Sid. Benoit does a Flying Headbutt on Sid. Sid Chokeslams Benoit. Sid goes for a pin, but Benoit's legs are out of the ring. Benoit then quickly applies a Crippler Crossface on Sid and Sid taps out! Benoit becomes the new WCW Heavyweight Champion.