Oberhausen, Germany

November 16, 2000



Kwee Wee with Paisley vs Elix Skipper

Kwee Wee got the win over the Team Canada member



Battle Royal for the European Cup

Participants:  Mark Jindrak, Sean O'Haire, Shane Douglas, The Cat, Mike Awesome, Mike Sanders, Lance Storm, Norman Smiley, Alex Wright, Kronik, Disqo, Rey Mysterio, Jr., Konnan, Elix Skipper, General Rection, Kwee Wee, Fit Finlay, Bam Bam Bigelow.

The winner of the Battle Royal is Mike Awesome.  He will wrestle in a three way match later



General Rection vs Lance Storm (WCW US Champion)

Lance Storm got to retain the title due to a disqualification win by General Rection.



Norman Smiley vs Fit Finlay
Oktoberfest Hardcore Match

Norman Smiley got the win.



Mike Sanders vs The Cat
The Winner is Commissioner of WCW

The Cat gets the win to become the new Commissioner of World Championship Wrestling



Alex Wright and General Rection vs Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire (WCW Tag Team Champions)

Disqo was hurt so Rection took his place.  Wright and Rection got the win.



Kevin Nash vs Alex Wrigt vs Mike Awesome (Winner of the battle royal)
European Cup Qualifying Match

Kevin Nash gets the win to advance to meet Sting in the finals of the European Cup Championship.



Scott Steiner  vs Booker T (WCW Heavyweight Champion)

Booker T got the win to remain champion



Sting  vs Kevin Nash (Winner of the Three Way Match)

Sting got the win and remained European Cup Champion!