The Cow Palace
San Francisco, California
February 21, 1999



Disco Inferno vs. Booker T

Booker T won with the Harlem Hangover after Disco almost did a Chartbuster.



Chris Jericho with Ralphus vs. Saturn

After Saturn Death Valley Drivered Chris Jericho, he attacks the referee with the DVD. He then leaves the ringside. Chris Jericho wins by countout.



Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Kidman (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Kidman retained his championship after a Shooting Star Press.



Barry Windham and Curt Hennig vs. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko
Finals of the WCW/nWo Double Elimination Tournament

Both Windham and Hennig tap out of Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko's finishing holds at the same time. Both teams will wrestle once again, since this is a double-elimination tournament. Barry Windham was strangling Malenko. They got a pin and they are the new Tag Team Champions.



Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Konan vs. Kevin Nash and Lex Luger with Elizabeth
Elizabeth's Hair vs. Rey's Mask

Lex Luger was out with a torn bicep. Scott Hall took his place. Liz distracted the referee as Nash was knocked out by Rey's knee to the head. Hall did the Outsider's Edge on Rey. Nash was placed on top of Rey and he won. Rey must now unmask.



Scott Steiner (WCW Television Champion) vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Buff Bagwell comes out. The match is a brawl. Page is fighting both men. This has become a sort of no disqualification match. They use chairs, and take off the turnbuckle pad. Steiner does a Frankesteiner on Page. Page is thrown into the exposed turnbuckle. Steiner puts Page in a Steiner Recliner. He seemed to pass out and the winner is Scott Steiner.



Scott Hall vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper (WCW US Champion)

Piper has a sleeper hold on. Disco Inferno comes out Kevin Nash comes out. Scott Hall pins Roddy Piper after Nash distracts the referee. They attack Roddy Piper afterwards.



Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Goldberg

Goldberg Speared Bigelow. He does a standing sidekick. Then he does a Jackhammer. Finally he pins him for the win.



Ric Flair vs. Hollywood Hogan (WCW Heavyweight Champion)

The mysterious lady is at ringside. She goes to Ric Flair. Hogan uses his back support belt on Flair. A masked person uses the stungun on Ric Flair's back! He pins Flair for the win and remains champion! They take off the mask and it is David Flair! He is part of the Wolfpac!

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