The Cow Palace
San Francisco, California
February 20, 2000


Lash LeRoux vs. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea with Paisley
Cruiserweight Tournament Finals

The Artist won with a Jumping DDT to get the win and the Cruiserweight Champion.



Bam Bam Bigelow (WCW Hardcore Champion) vs. Brian Knobbs with Fit Finlay

Finlay comes out to help out Knobbs. The match ends up in the back, but it comes back to the ring. Bam Bam gets a Greetings From Asbury Park on Knobbs, but he didn't go for the pin. Knobbs then knocked Bam Bam off the top rope onto the floor and got the pin and the Hardcore Championship!



Norman Smiley vs. Three Count
Handicap Match

After a Frog Splash and a Modified Boston Crab, Three Count got the win over Norman Smiley.



The Demon vs. The Wall

The Wall doesn't come out as scheduled, so the Demon walks to the back and is attacked by the Wall. Back in the ring, The Wall does a Chokeslam off the top rope and he gets the win.



Tank Abbot vs. Big Al
Skins Match--Leather Jacket On A Pole Match

During the match Al stands on Tank's face! Tank carries Al on his back onto the top turnbuckle and throws him onto the floor. Tank gets the jacket and the win!



Booker vs. Big T with Stevie Ray and Jay Biggs
Winner Gets the Right to the Name "Harlem Heat, Inc."

Booker gets an Axe Kick and a Harlem Sidekick on Big T. He then attacked Biggs. He gets a modified Choke Slam on Big T. Booker did a Top Rope Drop Kick on Big T, but the lights go out. A 400 pound man is on the ring apron; he distracts Booker and Big T does a "Pearl River Plunge" on Booker for the win. Harlem Heat, Inc has Stevie Ray (300 pounds), Big T (350 pounds) and the new man (400 pounds)!



Vampiro vs. Kidman with Torrie

During the match, Kidman accidentally knocks into Torrie. Vampiro gets two Powerbombs on Kidman. However, Kidman manages a Top Rope move and gets the pin.



The Mamalukes (WCW Tag Team Champions) with Disco Inferno vs. David Flair and Crowbar with Dafney Unger
Sicilian Street Fight

Dafney gets Disco Inferno in the eye with mace. A running Powerbomb puts Crowbar through a table. After a few moves, The Mamalukes tape David onto a stretcher and take him away. Vito Splashes Crowbar on a table and they tape him to a stretcher and take him away. They also tape Dafney to a wheelchair and take her away. The Mamalukes retain their title.



The Cat comes out to show us all James Brown. An imposter comes out that looks like The Godfather of Soul. The two mock James Brown. The Maestro comes out and says that James Brown isn't here tonight. James Brown music comes out and after dancers arrive, James Brown comes out. The Maestro passes out and both The Cat and James Brown dance for the crowd!



Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk
Death Match

Funk gets a lot of Suplexes on Flair and gets a pin, but not a ten count. He then Piledrived Flair but didn't get a ten count after a pin. After a few pins by Flair but no ten counts, Funk falls through a table. Flair gets a pin, and Funk can't get up at a count of ten. Ric Flair wins!



Hulk Hogan vs. The Total Package with Miss Elizabeth

Elizabeth hit Hogan with the bat, but Jimmy Hart comes out and takes it away. Hogan gets a Boot To The Face on Luger, but he is Low Blowed. Both Hart and Hogan use their casts on Luger. Ric Flair comes out and attacks Hogan, so Sting comes out to save Hogan!



Sid Vicious (WCW Heavyweight Champion) vs. Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett seems to knock out all of the referees so Slick Johnson comes out to be the referee for the match. Hall goes for the pin on Jarrett, but Johnson doesn't count to three. Jarrett uses a guitar on Hall. Roddy Piper comes out dressed as a referee! He gets rid of Johnson. Vicious does a Chokeslam on Jarrett and he Powerbombs Hall. Vicious pinned Scott Hall to retain the Heavyweight Title.

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