Bayfront Center
St. Petersburg, Florida
February 11, 1996


The Nasty Boys defeated Public Enemy in a Street Fight

Johnny B Badd (WCW TV Champion) with Diamond Doll defeated Diamond Dallas Page

Harlem Heat lost to WCW Tag Team Champions Sting and Lex Luger

Konnan (WCW US Champion) defeated One Man Gang

The Taskmaster with Jimmy Hart defeated Flyin' Brian Pillman in a Leather Strap/Respect Match

The Roadwarriors and WCW Tag Team Champions sting and Lex Luger ended in a Double Countout

WCW Heavyweight Champion Macho Man Randy Savage with Elizabeth lost to Ric Flair with Woman in a Cage Match

Hulk Hogan defeated the Giant with the Taskmaster and Jimmy Hart in a Cage Match

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