MCI Center
Washington, DC

December 17, 2000


Three Count vs. Jung Dragons vs. Evan Karagias and Jamie Knoble
Three Team Ladder Match for the Number One Contender of the WCW Cruiserweight Title

Kaz Hayashi hits a moonsault off the ladder. Yang takes Shannon Moore over to the announce table and works himself over. There is only one ladder in the match. All men are taking some big bumps on the ladder. Jamie Knoble almost gets the contract suspended over the ring but he is pulled down by Karagias. Yang is now going for the ladder and the contract. He takes out Jamie Knoble first. All men are hitting suicide dives over the top rope and all men are now lying on the outside of the ring. Jamie Knoble is back in the ring and goes for the contract but is taken out by Yang. Yang is setting up two ladders. Evan hits a belly to back on Evan. Evan hits a Powerslam off the ladder. Shane Helms hits a beautiful leg drop on Evan. Helms and Knoble hit a neck breaker off the top of the ladder. Two men are now going after the contract. Shannon Moore and Yang are on top of the ladders. Both men are now down. All men are either down in the ring or out of the ring. There are now three ladders set up in the ring. Ladders have filled the ring. Every move is a high octane move off the ladder. The Jung Dragons are building a scaffold with the ladders. Three Count is back in the ring. We now have Four ladders set up in the ring. Tombstone Piledriver by Jamie Knoble on Sugar Shane. 3 Count both grab the contract at one time. They agree to take it at the same time. Winners are 3 Count!

The Cat with Miss Jones vs. Lance Storm with Team Canada

Lance had to be serious, of course, and was interrupted by Cat. Cat and Storm engaged in a shoving match until they locked up. Storm hit a waist lock that Cat easily got out of. Cat hit several karate moves but was tripped by Major Gunns, allowing Storm to hit a reverse elbow. Miss Jones and Gunns took center stage in the ring but the men broke it up. Storm hit two punches and a lariat to take Cat down. Lance started jawing to the crowd, which allowed Cat to get the upper hand. Cat looked to have the win sealed but interference from Prime Time stopped it. Skipper worked over Cat outside but Cat battle back with a bottle. Storm took over outside and Jones accidentally kicked the ref. Gunns tore apart Jones, but Jones got in her shots too. Storm had the pin inside but no referee to count. Jim Duggan came to the ring and the crowd went wild. Duggan nailed Cat with a forearm and Storm got the submission win via Canadian Maple Leaf. After the match, Duggan shook his head like he didn't want to be in Team Canada. Storm and Skipper attacked Duggan! Cat made the save.

Terry Funk vs. Crowbar (WCW Hardcore Champion)

Crowbar is trying to handcuff Terry Funk but Funk fights out. Funk then nails Crowbar's head inside a door. Funk has the handcuffs on Crowbar. He nails Crowbar with a chair 4 times while he is handcuffed!  Terry Funk is nailing Crowbar repeatedly! The men are fighting to the ring. Funk is just demolishing Crowbar with Chair Shots. Crowbar looks woozy. This is classic Funk. Terry was going to go through the table onto Crowbar.  Funk is going after Daffney. Crowbar is back in it!  Crowbar spears Funk through a table. Funk kicks out! Daffney then nails Funk! Funk kicks out again! These men are killing each other! Funk is now going for the Piledriver on the car door. These men are beaten. Funk gets the win as he rolls over and covers Crowbar!

Big Vito and Reno vs. Kronik

Before the match, Kronik told Marie they expected payment in full after the match. Vito and Reno held their own to start out. Kronik continued to get beat down while Bryan Adams quizzed Marie over their payment. Kronik took over after a Brian Clark moonsault. Vito was blasted with a chair but came back with a sunset flip. After several minutes of boring, plodding action, The Thrillers came out. Reno turned on Vito and hit the Roll of the Dice. Reno pinned Vito, so I guess he gets the win. Reno was the one who was paying off Kronik, not Marie. This match went absolutely too long. Post-match sees Vito getting the High Times.

Bam Bam Bigelow  vs. Mike Awesome
Ambulance Match

Bam Bam quickly gets control of the match after some nice shots in the corner. He then takes Awesome down the aisle and leads towards the ambulance. Awesome reverses though and rams Bigelow into the Ambulance. Bam Bam tries to nail Awesome but he ducks and Bam Bam nails the window. That one looked nasty. Check out the live images for full images of the PPV. Bam Bam grabs a chair and nails Awesome! Both men are now headed back towards the ring!  The men are now fighting on top of the announce table. Bigelow's Arm has been sliced wide open from the shot against the ambulance! Awesome finally gets Bigelow down and sets up a table on the outside! Bigelow reverses and plants Awesome through a table!  Bigelow rips off the safety lights from the top of the ambulance! Bigelow and Awesome fight on top of the Ambulance. Bigelow is sent through the top of the roof of the ambulance by Awesome! That was crazy!

Shane Douglas  vs. General Rection (WCW US Champion)

Rection was attacked from behind by Franchise. Douglas choked him out and hit knife-edge chops. Rection battled back with chops of his own. General went for a splash but Douglas pulled the referee in front of him. Rection stopped before he hit the ref. Outside, the General slammed Douglas into the announce table. Back inside, Rection locked on a bearhug. Douglas got out after biting Rection on the nose. Rection locked the hug back on and Douglas got out with a Powerslam. Rection went for his moonsault but was tripped up. Douglas hit a reverse neckbreaker for a close two count. Rection got up and tossed The Franchise outside. Douglas poked Rection in his eye but didn't get it good enough. Rection rammed Douglas into the ringpost, which busted him open. Rection went for the moonsault and caught all mat. Douglas dug in his tights and got a chain. He missed General and fell into a belly to back suplex. Chavo Guerrero ran down and took the chain, giving it to Douglas! The ref saw that Douglas had the chain and called for DQ. Chavo ratted out Douglas himself! Douglas hit Rection with the chain and worked him over, then hit the Franchiser on Chavo. MIA ran down to make the save.

The Filthy Animals vs. Jeff Jarrett & the Harris Brothers

Before the match, they turned it into a Streetfight and a Bunkhouse Brawl.  There are stools, chairs, and all sorts of weapons scattered ringside. Jarrett and Rey Jr. are in the ring with the rest of the participants scattered outside the ring. Jarrett is pounding on Rey but Konan quickly comes over and nails Jarrett. The Harris Brothers are both down and the filthy animals all take their turns on them with Bronco Busters. They have a full bar in the ring and the Filthy Animals toss Jarrett on top of it. They then go for a quick cover but Jarrett is able to kick out. Rey is on the top rope and nails Ron Harris with a face buster off the top. Konan is now wearing out Ron Harris. Jarrett is still laid out. The Harris Brothers are now turning it on. They are inflicting some big damage on The Filthy Animals. Rey is thrown into a dumpster. It's now 3-2. Jarrett is now back up and he is hammering on Kidman. The match has now turned into a tag match. Ron Harris is in and is working on Kidman, but Kidman hits a nice facebuster to turn the momentum. Kidman makes the tag into Konan and Konan works over the Harris Brothers before he is H Bombed. Finally Kidman gets back up along with Rey and they take out the Harris Brothers. Jarrett sneaks back up and nails Kidman with a bottle and nails the stroke!

Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page vs. Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Polumbo (WCW Tag Team Champions)

Mike Sanders accompanied Perfect Event. Ric Flair came out and told Sanders if he interfered, Nash & Page become the Tag Team champions. Madden put over Page after serving a suspension for inappropriate comments toward him last week. Palumbo and Nash kick it off with Nash hitting a big clothesline. Nash hit knees to Palumbo's mid section in the corner. Palumbo fired back by hitting a clothesline of his own. DDP tagged and shoulder tackled Palumbo. Stasiak and Palumbo regrouped outside. Page hit a low blow on Stasiak followed with a belly to back suplex. He went for the Diamond cutter and missed, but nailed a Chokeslam. Diamond cutter attempt again but it was blocked with a super kick by Palumbo. Palumbo got a two count after an underhook suplex. Perfect Event double teamed Page in their corner. Page fought out of the double team and hit a headbutt on Stasiak's groin. Nash got the hot tag and worked over both Thrillers. Side slams on both Stasiak and Palumbo. Big foot landed on Palumbo. Sanders attacked Page outside. Stasiak hit Page with a tag title belt. Stasiak went outside and got the Diamond Cutter from page. Palumbo covered Nash inside and was pulled out by Page. Jindrak & O'Haire ran out and received cutters from Page. O'Haire got back up and laid out Page. Nash flipped off Palumbo and delivered the Jackknife powerbomb to win.

Lex Luger vs. Goldberg
No Holds Barred/No Disqualification

Goldberg goes straight after Luger and nails him by the broadcast table. Goldberg is working on Luger on the outside of the ring. He quickly Rolls Luger back into the ring. He is in full control of the match. Goldberg will not be denied in this match. Luger tries to reverse but Goldberg takes him down with a hard clothesline. Luger quickly rolls out of the ring to regain his breath. The two men are now fighting back in the aisle (entry ramp). Luger finally shows some offense as he works on Goldberg's shoulder. Lex Luger now works Goldberg over on the outside of the ring. Here Come Buff and The Sarge. Luger now hammers on Goldberg's back inside the ring. Goldberg reverses with a nice flying body takedown. Goldberg goes for the spear but Luger pulls the ref in the way. Luger grabs some brass knuckles and nails Goldberg. Luger goes for pin but Goldberg kicks out. Buff then climbs up to the top rope. He hits the Blockbuster on Goldberg. Luger then tosses Bugg out of the ring. Luger is racking Goldberg. Goldberg fights out. Buff has decked the Sarge on the outside. Buff is choking the Sarge. Goldberg hits the spear! Jackhammer!  And he gets the win.

Scott Steiner (WCW Heavyweight Champion) vs. Sid Vicious

Sid and Steiner locked up with Steiner hitting several kicks to the midsection of Sid. Sid turned it and choked out Steiner, then hit punches. Sid had the momentum and Steiner escaped outside. Both men locked up in a test of strength that sent Sid to his knees. Sid stood up and put Steiner in a suplex. Midajah became involved and smacked Sid on the back with her pipe. Steiner got a chair and hit Sid in the sternum. Inside the ring, Steiner hit a backbreaker. Recliner time, and Sid was locked in. After about thirty seconds of the hold, Sid realized he was two inches from the rope and grabbed one. Recliner again, this time in the center of the ring. Sid powered out and Midajah jumped on Steiner by mistake. Chokeslam by Sid, but Steiner kicked out. Sid hit a cobra clutch and Steiner knocked out the referee. Sid had the clean pinfall. Steiner got Midajah's pipe and let Sid have it. A second referee ran down and Sid kicked out. Jeff Jarrett ran out and hit Steiner over the head with a guitar by accident! Cover by Sid, and Jarrett pulls the ref out. Steiner hit a low blow and locked on the recliner a third time. Sid passed out and Steiner retains!

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