MCI Center
Washington, DC
December 27, 1998



Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Kidman (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Fast and furious action punctuated at first by Kidman & Rey double teaming Juvey, but it soon became every man for himself! Mike Tenay estimated a minimum of 25 to 35 attempted pins. Ultimately winding up with Rey on the out side of the ring with Kidman in control of Juvey. Then in strolled Eddie Guerrero! He distracted the ref while Kidman rolled up Juvey and had him pinned. Then Eddie dove into the ring and tried to flip Kidman off Juvey....but it backfired!!! Kidman pins Juvey...1-2-3...Kidman retains the title...and Eddie screams "NO!!!!"



Kidman (WCW Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie griped so long and strong after Kidman beat Juvey & Rey that Kidman agreed to go one on one with Eddie! It was a high flying, high impact match with both men repeated going to the top rope and beating hard on each other. In the mean time Rey was on the outside helping Kidman & Juvey was on the outside helping Eddie. At one point Eddie loosened his work boots and hit Kidman solidly with one...then had the nerve to ask the ref for a timeout so he could put it back on! Bottom line....due to interference by Eddie's bodyguard, Kidman gained the upper hand, executed a Shooting Star Press and STILL retained the cruiserweight title.



Norman Smiley vs. Prince Iaukeia

The Prince dominated the early part of the match but Smiley soon turned the tide. At first the fans booed Smiley, but by mid-match they were cheering him!! Both men worked furiously back & forth, but Smiley started working his "Norman Conquest" aka chicken wing hold...and it was all over. The Prince tried nobly to fend it off, but once Smiley got the hold locked it was all over. Norman Smiley over the Prince by submission.



Saturn vs. Ernest Miller with Sonny Onoo

Miller started off by mouthing about how great he is and how he is loved by all the fans. He even backed up his boast by controlling the beginning minutes of the match, but then Saturn woke up and came back with a vengeance. Miller showed lots of aggression by attempting several times to pin Saturn. In the end, The Cat had Saturn weakened and then called Sonny Onoo in to finish him off. The Ref tried to stop Onoo, but he executed a running kick...which Saturn ducked...and he hit Miller instead!! Miller lashed back and hit Onoo. Winner Saturn!



Brian Adams and Scott Norton vs. Fit Finlay and Jerry Flynn

A pretty lackluster match which even the fans seemed bored with. Some good exchanges with Finley taking the brunt of the blows. Scott Norton finished it all with a powerbomb and pin. Winners...Norton & Adams.



Chris Jericho vs. Konan (WCW TV Champion)

Jericho entered wearing the TV title belt and wished everyone a "Happy Jericho-holiday" Jericho really seemed to dominate the match, but was short on pin attempts. In the end K-Dog put the Tequila Sunrise on him and it was all over. Winner: Konnan by tap out.



Eric Bischoff vs. Ric Flair

Match started with Flair chasing Bischoff around the ring. Then Flair lit into him, unloading his entire arsenal of dirty tricks...including at least 4 hard shots to "the jewels"!! Bischoff came back briefly and had Flair hurting but then Ric got him in the Figure four!! The ref was unconscious, but while Ric was trying to wake him for the count... Curt Henning slid in and handed Bischoff a 'foreign object". Eric hit Flair with the knucks and it was all over!! Winner: Eric Bischoff by pin fall!!!



Diamond Dallas Page vs. The Giant

This match was mostly an exercise in watching the Giant beat the snot out of DDP. The Giant appeared slow and disinterested, but the play by play called it "methodical". In the end Bret Hart ran in with a chair, missed DDP, hit the Giant, he went down...but, DDP still only got a 1 count. finally the Giant had DDP in a choke clutch hanging on the top rope. DDP flipped out of it into a Diamond Cutter..1-2-3! Winner: Diamond Dallas Page by pinfall.



Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg (WCW Heavyweight Champion)

Kind of a slow start to this one. Goldberg even took time to stop and autograph some kids shirt on the way to the ring! Once the match got under way it was a war of nerves for the first few minutes. Both men maneuvered back & forth looking for the best move. The fans started chanting "WRESTLE!"...so they did. Nash opened up with most of his tried and true maneuvers, but they didn't seem to have much affect on Goldberg. In fact, Big Kev's cockiness cost him dearly and he found himself on the canvas fighting off a choke hold! About mid-way Goldberg unleashed a Spear and rocked Nash badly. He signaled for the Jackhammer, but Nash was having none of that this early on. Nash came back and tried a total of 4 pin attempts with no success. Goldberg followed suit with three attempts. Then Disco Inferno ran into the ring! Remember...this was a NO DQ match...so Goldberg just tossed his butt out. Then in came Bam Bam Bigelow! A few punches later HE was on the outside. Then Hall came in & hit Goldberg with a cattle prod!!! He went down, & Nash pinned. bottomline...173 - 1. Nash wins!!

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