Pacific Coliseum
Vancouver, British Columbia
August 13, 2000


3 Count with Tank Abbot vs. The Jung Dragons
Double Ladder Match for 3 Count's Gold Record and Recording Contract
Lots of high risk maneuvers from the top of the ladders from 3 Count. Jamie San manages to get the gold record, but falls off the ladder, allowing Tank to grab the record. Evan goes up and grabs the recording contract. 3 Count wins, but Tank gets both items and leaves without them.



The Great Muta vs. The Cat
Tygress comes out. The Great Muta spits green mist into the eyes of the Cat. Then, Tygress hits Muta with a chair from the top rope, allowing the Cat to get a Feliner and the win.



Kanyon vs. Buff Bagwell
Judy on a Pole Match
Kanyon cuts off the turnbuckle pad, but gets his head knocked into it later on. Kanyon gets a Kanyon Cutter on Bagwell, but then Diamond Dallas Page's music comes on and . . .David Arquette comes out! Kanyon and David try to double team, but Buff applies a double Blockbuster on both men! Buff Bagwell gets the win and gets to keep his mother. After the match, an angry Kanyon Kanyon Cutters Arquette.



Corp Cajun & Capt Rection vs. Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire vs. Perfect Event vs. Kronic (WCW Tag Champs)
Referee: Disco Inferno, with other members of the Filthy Animals as Outside Enforcers
Disco makes very slow counts throughout the match for each team. As wrestlers fall out of the ring, they are attacked by the enforcers. Tygress interferes with a Bronco Buster on Capt Rection. Rey tries the same but is stopped with a boot to the crotch! Later, Kronic goes for High Time, but the Dark Carnival comes out and attacks Kronic. Then Brian Clark goes for a Meltdown on Polumbo. Lt Loco comes out, attacks referee Disco and makes the count for Kronic--they remain champions.



Shane Douglas with Torrie Wilson vs. Billy Kidman
Strap Match
Kidman does a second rope Hurricanrana on Douglas. With Torrie on the apron, she accidentally hits Shane with her shoe. Shane later does the Pittsburgh Plunge on Kidman, but only gets a two. Kidman then does the Kid Krusher and gets the win. Kidman whips Torrie with the strap, but Shane ends up hanging Kidman with it in the corner. Big Vito comes out to make the save, but Reno comes out and attacks him. The two fight for a short time before they leave.



Major Gunns vs. Miss Hancock
ROTC Mud Match
The match starts off in the ring. Surprisingly, both women attempt many pinning maneuvers. Miss Hancock takes off Major Gunn's shirt. Major Gunns then rips off Miss Hancock's skirt. Major Gunn's shorts are the next item to go. Miss Hancock gets her top pulled off next. Miss Hancock looks as if she has stomach pains. They end up in the mud - Major Gunns first. Miss Hancock has more stomach pains, allowing Major Gunns to get the pin in the mud. David Flair comes out to look at Miss Hancock and a stretcher comes out to take Miss Hancock away. The commentators say that this injury wasn't planned.



The Demon vs. Sting
Sting enters the arena by repelling from the ceiling. Sting wins with a Scorpion Death Drop in about two minutes. Vampiro and Muta come out and attack Sting; Kronic come out to make the save and ask Vampiro and Muta for a match later tonight for the titles.



Mike Awesome vs. Lance Storm (WCW Canadian, Hardcore, & Cruiserweight Champion)
Outside Referee: Jacques Rougeau
A table is set up, but not used right away. Mike Awesome goes for a top rope move, but he slips off. Awesome goes for a pin and gets a three count. Awesome wins, but Rougeau talks to David Penzer: Canadian rules say you must have a five count to win. Lance Storm taps out to a Dragon Sleeper, Awesome wins. Rougeau makes the match continue, saying you can only win by pinfall. Mike Awesome does a Frogsplash and pins Storm. Once again, Rougeau goes to the Canadian rule book: after a pin, a ten count is applied, if the wrestler doesn't get up, he looses: Lance makes it up. Both men fall from the top rope onto the table and are knocked out. Rougeau says whoever gets up before the ten count first wins. Rougeau counts for Awesome and the referee counts for Storm. Awesome tries to get up, but Rougeau knocked him down, allowing Lance Storm to get up first and retain the US Canadian Championship. Bret Hart comes out to congratulate him.



Vampiro & The Great Muta vs. Kronic (WCW Tag Team Champions)
Brian Clark gets a Meltdown on Vampiro, but Muta sprays the green mist in referee Mickey Jay's face. Kronic goes for a High Time, but it is halted by the Harris Boys! They do an H Bomb on Clark. Muta Moonsaults him and gets the win to become new tag team champions.



Kevin Nash vs. Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg
Number One Contender for the WCW Heavyweight Championship Three Way Match

Goldberg doesn't come out during his introduction. He finally comes out bandaged (yesterday he was in a motorcycle accident in Sturgis, South Dakota). Nash goes for a Jackknife Powerbomb, but Goldberg walks out of the ring before it is executed. Vince Russo comes out to try to stop Goldberg from leaving. The two argue and Goldberg swears at Russo, and then leaves the arena. Later on, Midajah comes out and interferes for Scott by knocking out the referee. A few low blows later, Nash applies a DDT and a Jackknife Powerbomb on Steiner to get the win.



Jeff Jarrett vs. Booker T (WCW Heavyweight Champion)
Jarrett focuses his attacks on Booker's already injured knee. Jeff applies a Boston Crab on Booker, but he makes it to the ropes. The referee gets knocked out and Jarrett hits Booker with the guitar as Booker tries to do a Harlem Sidekick, the guitar gets him in the knee. Jeff applies a Figure Four Leg Lock on Booker. Jeff hits the referee with the title, knocking him out. They grab a table and Booker does a Book End through the table! Jeff hits the referee with a chair. He then applies a Stroke on Booker on a chair. After another referee comes out, Booker does another Book End and gets the win in this grueling match to remain champion.

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