United Center
Chicago, Illinois
April 16, 2000


The Mamalukes with Disco Inferno vs. Team Package with Elizabeth
Tag Team Tournament Match

Vince Russo comes out and adds the Harris Brothers as partners to the Mamalukes. Disco is later taken to the back by two men. The Total Package does a Rack on Johnny the Bull for the win.



Jimmy Hart with Hail vs. Mancow with his people

A jump off the top rope from Hart knocks out the referee. Hail attacks Mancow and throws him onto Mancow's people outside of the ring. Mancow uses a chair on Hart and gets the pin. Kidman comes out and attacks Hart on behalf of Hulk Hogan.



The Wall vs. Scott Steiner
US Tournament Match

After Steiner gouges out the eyes of the Wall, the Wall puts the referee through a table thinking it was Steiner. Another referee comes out and disqualifies the Wall.



Mike Awesome vs. The Cat
US Tournament Match

Before the Cat comes out Bam Bam Bigelow starts to wrestle Mike Awesome. The fight goes to the crowd. When they get back into the ring, the Cat comes out. He does a Standing Sidekick to knock out Bam Bam. The Cat dances for us, but is attacked by Awesome. He does a Frogsplash and gets the win.



Harlem Heat 2000 vs. Shane Douglas and Buff Bagwell
Tag Team Tournament Match

After a Vertical Suplex by Shane, he pins Stevie Ray in this quick match to advance in the tournament.



Booker vs. Sting
US Tournament Match

A Scorpion Death Drop gives Sting the win and an advance in the tournament.



Vampiro vs. Kidman with Torrie Wilson
US Tournament Match

During the match, Hulk Hogan arrives in the arena and comes out to ringside. He attacks Kidman. He does a Two Handed Chokeslam to Kidman on the announcers table. A second throw of Kidman on the table breaks it. Vampiro gets Kidman in the ring and pins him. Hogan then goes searching for and finds Eric Bischoff. He goes to attack him, but police officers draw their guns on the five time champion.



Terry Funk vs. Norman Smiley
For Hardcore Championship

The match starts in catering. They use soda cans, a laptop computer, and chairs. They get to the arena. Norman does a Smiley Spank. A ladder is taken out. Dustin Rhodes comes out and hits Funk with a chair and piledrives him on one. Funk throws the ladder onto Smiley and gets the pin to become the WCW Hardcore Champion.



Mike Awesome vs. Scott Steiner
US Tournament Match

During the match, Kevin Nash comes out and hits Awesome with his crutch. Steiner does a Steiner Recliner and Awesome taps out.



Vampiro vs. Sting
US Tournament Match

After a Scorpion Death Drop, Sting does a Scorpion Death Lock and gets the win to advance.



Crowbar vs. The Artist vs. Lash LeRoux vs. Shane Helms vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Chris Candido
Suicide Six Man for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Daffne Frankenscreamers Crowbar. David Flair comes in, so does Shannon Moore. Everyone does all sorts of high flying matches. Tammy comes out and helps Chris Candido pin the Artist. Chris Candido is the new WCW Cruiserweight Champion. Paisley and Tammy have a catfight!



Team Package vs. Buff Bagwell and Shane Douglas with Vince Russo
Tag Team Tournament Finals Match

Flair gets a Figure Four on Shane. Buff Bagwell accidentally gets a Buff Blockbuster on Shane, not Flair. The referee goes to count, but is pulled out of the ring. Brian Adams and Brian Clark come out and attack Team Package. Russo puts on the referee's shirt and counts Buff Bagwell the winner. New WCW Tag Team Champions are Shane Douglas and Buff Bagwell.



Scott Steiner vs. Sting
US Tournament Finals Match

The referee is knocked out by a Stinger Splash. Vampiro enters from a hole in the ring and drags Sting down underneath. Sting arises with blood gushing from his mouth. Steiner does a Steiner Recliner for the win. He is the new WCW US Champion.



Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page with Kimberly
WCW Heavyweight Championship Match

They fight into the crowd and back to the ring. Jeff uses a chair on DDP. Bischoff comes out to watch the match. Jeff Jarrett rips up DDP's book! The referee gets knocked out. Jarrett uses the title on DDP. He then gets a Figure Four Leg Lock on the former two time champion. Eric then distracts the referee. Kimberly gets the guitar and hits DDP! A Stroke by Jarrett gives him the win and the WCW Heavyweight Championship!

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