Tupelo Coliseum
Tupelo, Mississippi
April 6, 1997


Rey Mysterio, Jr vs. Ultimo Dragon

Rey won with a Springboard Hurricanrana Roll-Up



Madusa (WCW Women's Champion) vs. Akira Hokuto

Madusa went for a Powerbomb, but Luna Vachon interfered, hitting her knee. Akira was able to then pin her and win the championship.



Lord Steven Regal vs. Prince Iaukea (WCW TV Champion)

The Prince retained his title with a pin. Afterwards Regal attacked him.



Public Enemy vs. Jeff Jarrett and Steve McMichaels with Debra

During the match, Rocco Rock got Debra's briefcase and hit Jarrett with it. He then covered him for the pin and the win.



Kevin Nash (WCW Tag Team Champion) vs. Rick Steiner

The two single men wrestled for the titles for their team (Nash for him and Scott Hall, Steiner for him and Scott). Kevin Nash got the win after he got into an argument with Ted DiBiase and Nick Patrick.



Lex Luger and The Giant vs. Harlem Heat
Four Corners Match

The Giant won the match, but tagged in Luger to get the win with the Torture Rack. Luger now gets a future title shot against Hollywood Hogan.



Randy Savage vs. Diamond Dallas Page
No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Match

The match went through the crowd and all throughout the arena. When the referee was knocked out Page did the Diamond Cutter on Savage. A second referee came out to count the pin. DDP won. The rest of the New World Order came out and argued amongst each other, splitting into two groups. Nash Powerbombed Nick Patrick.

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