Universal Studios Orlando
Orlando, Florida
July 16, 2006

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 Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme introduced the show from the Impact zone ramp... They rolled footage from the various promos on Impact from Christian, Samoa Joe, Steiner, and Sting. A great piece of video, not only for production value, but because they're planting seeds for future matches involving these four... Tenay and West broke down the #1 Contender's match. Don West said he's looking forward to the mini-match of Sting vs. Christian Cage. Tenay brought up Joe walking away from Sting after they won a PPV tag match two months ago, leading to Jarrett and Steiner beating down Sting... Promo footage from Sting aired...

- Borash and Christy discussed the barber's chair by the stage, which either Raven or Zbyszko would have to sit in after their hair vs. hair match. They rolled promo video from each man... Christy Hemme added no insight into the hair vs. hair match. West added even less analysis...

1 -- JOHNNY DEVINE (w/Alex Shelley) vs. SHARK BOY

Shelley couldn't watch as Shark Boy took it to Devine with ten punches in the corner. Sharkie bit Devine on the back and Devine bailed to the outside. He followed up with a slingshot plancha on the outside. Back in the ring, Devine dominated Sharkie before missing with a clothesline off the corner. Shark hit a reverse neckbreaker then hit a top rope dropkick for a nearfall. Sharkie set up for the DSD, but Devine slipped out. Shark had a roll up for the visual pin, but Shelley was on the apron distracting the referee. Devine took advantage of the distraction and hit a double underhook Moneymaker for the win.

WINNER: Devine in 6:00. Decent action. Devine needs to show more personality in the ring.

- They aired a Samoa Joe video promo... Borash and Hemme broke down the card. Still no mention of the X Division Title match. Shows how important the X Division is to the line-up... They aired a Christian video promo... Tenay and West broke down the tag title match before they aired footage of the feud...

- Borash was backstage to interview Rhino. Borash said it's been a newsworthy week for him. Rhino said people have been asking him why he said what he did on Impact. He addressed Monty Brown. "I'm going to rape your face with my fist," he said... They aired a video package on Jeff Jarrett... A video package on Scott Steiner aired... Borash and Hemme were in the ring to give the final PPV sell. Borash did a little Mean Gene flick of the wrist...


- They opened with video from two weeks ago on Impact when Jim Cornette told Jeff Jarrett that he's the champion for now, but he didn't think that would last long. They recapped the conflicts between Sting, Christian, Steiner, and Joe. Jarrett interrupted the video package with four takes on each wrestler. He said he's still the master and controller of Scott Steiner's destiny in TNA. Jarrett said he would make Sting regret the day he walked into TNA. A cool intro. Better than the over-dramatic pieces from past months.


Simon Diamond came to the ring sporting a suit rather than his windbreaker outfit. Shane Douglas walked out alone. He tried to crack a joke about ECW and them losing a Franchise and gaining a dick, Ric Flair. Douglas said we would not see The Naturals until they were ready. He said they're ready and they're vastly different from when they were last on TV. He said he would take them to the NWA Tag Titles and tonight, they start on the journey. He introduced the "newly Franchised Naturals." They came out with semi-short hair and jet black trunks. Douglas got in their faces and gave them a pep talk. Shane left the ringside area. Chase ran over David Young then they hit a double-team shoulderblock off the ropes. Skipper took a tag and accepted a clothesline from Douglas. They hit a double team arm drag on Skipper. Out of nowhere, David Young came off the apron with a moonsault on Stevens. Back in the ring, Skipper worked on Stevens. DITR exchanged tags working on Stevens. Skipper kicked Stevens straight in the back. Skipper and Young hit a combination top rope clothesline and Dominator. Stevens drove Skipper to his corner and tagged out to Douglas. They fired off successive stomps to the chest on Skipper. David Young came in from behind and accidentally clotheslined Skipper. Douglas back body dropped both heels. He caught Young with a high knee of the ropes. Douglas hit a double underhook slam on Skipper for a nearfall. Douglas lost his focus and went after Young, which allowed Skipper to take control. Stevens caught Skipper in the corner. He hit a top rope dropkick as Douglas powerbombed Skipper for the combination finisher and the win.

Afterwards, Shane Douglas walked back to the ring. He didn't look impressed. He screamed at each Natural. Douglas told them to leave the ring. Tenay and West speculated on Douglas's perfectionist mindset.

WINNERS: The Naturals at 5:35. Good opener, although a bit short. They continue to build up the storyline of achieving perfection with The Naturals, which has some potential over time. Naturals looked more physical and like a power team rather than two guys stuck in no-man's land between the X Division and Heavyweight division.

- Borash was backstage with Christian Cage. He set the table for the #1 Contender match. Christian said there are questions about what happened to the old Christian. He said that Christian took a sabbatical, but he's ready to come back out. He said Steiner is huge and intimidating, but that tattoo on his chest is a dead giveaway that he doesn't have the heart to become a champion. Christian said that after Steiner fails tonight, he can step back into Jarrett's shadow. He addressed Joe. Christian, imitating Joe, said, "Are you going to finish those French fries?" Christian said the difference is that Joe wants to be the man, but he is the man. Addressing Sting, Christian said it's do or die for Sting tonight. He said Sting's a cartoon of milk. Good for you, has all the nutrients, smells all right, but you taste it and it doesn't taste right. "It expired yesterday," he said. He said it's the Christian Cage era in TNA right now. He said he's confident that he's taking back the NWA Title from Jarrett. Now that's a promo.

- They showed footage of Rhino's promo on Impact.


They met on the entrance ramp and brawled near the announce table. Brown slammed Rhino into the guardrail. Brown lifted Rhino into the air and he crashed throat-first across the guardrail. The went to the ring where Brown ran over Rhino with a shoulderblock. Brown went for the Pounce, but Rhino ducked and the referee took the blow. Rhino caught Brown with a back elbow. He threw him to the outside. Rhino hit a slingshot plancha to the outside. Tenay discussed Rhino turning down an imaginary WWE contract. Brown tried to revive the referee in the ring. Rhino caught Brown with a belly-to-belly suplex. The fans wanted the Gore. Brown ducked and the referee took the Gore in the corner. Poor ref. They brawled to the outside and exchanged right hand blows. Rhino dumped Brown over the guardrail into the front section. Security tried to separate both men, but they continued to brawl. Fans screamed in horror as they brawled to the backstage area. The match was thrown out as the action left camera range. Referees checked on the referee.

WINNER: No Contest at 5:00. I liked this. It's the start of a feud and it's nice to see TNA come up with a creative non-finish that makes sense, gets the crowd excited and not pissed off, and can lead to something down the road.

- Borash was backstage with LAX. Hotstuff hung up a Mexican flag over the Victory Road banner. Konnan said Ron Killings is a sell out. Homicide was wearing a Puerto Rican bandana over his face. Konnan said LAX is going to take over. He said they've taken over L.A., Houston, and Dallas and soon, everyone in the U.S. will need to speak Spanish.

- They aired a fast-paced music video on LAX recapping their problems with Cornette, Dutt, and Killings

- Moody Jack did the ring introductions for LAX. They emerged from a side ring entrance next to the Spanish announce table. Dutt came out then Killings did the "what's up?" gimmick with the crowd.


Homicide and Hernandez jumped Dutt and Killings before the opening bell. Dutt came back by knocking Hernandez to the outside. He hit a somersault dive over the top rope on to Hernandez. Homicide came back with a sick suicide dive through the ropes onto Dutt. Killings crashed onto everyone with the Fosbury Flop on the outside. Tenay said to throw out the back-story and just watch the match. "I'm trying to tell stories and there are bodies flying all over the Impact zone," Tenay said. In the ring, Homicide and Killings exchanged pleasantries. They exchanged nearfalls. Killings back body dropped Homicide to the mat. Dutt took a tag. The babyfaces hit a double team arm drag then cleared Hernandez off the apron. Dutt worked on Homicide's shoulder, but he caught Dutt near the ropes and slingshot him across the top rope. Hernandez took a tag and caught him off the ropes with a nice overhead slam. Homicide took a tag and clotheslined Dutt in the corner. Hernandez followed with a splash. LAX exchanged tags working on Dutt. Hernandez hit a modified shoulder breaker then made a cover, but Killings broke up the pin. Konnan punched Dutt on the outside at 6:00 while LAX distracted the referee. Dutt flipped out of the corner and made a tag to Killings. He created movement with the spinning fist smash off the ropes. Killings hit Konnan's rolling clothesline then showboated. Homicide attacked him, but Killings came back with a slam for a nearfall. Homicide escaped a suplex then hit an Ace Cutter for a nearfall. Homicide took Killings up top for an attempted superplex, but Killings blocked then hit a flying suplex. Hernandez broke up a pin attempt. Dutt took a blind tag and dropkicked Homicide in the back. Hernandez entered the ring and slapped Dutt across the chest. Dutt escaped the corner then hit a standing Acid Drop. Homicide tossed a chair into the ring, but Killings flew over the top rope with a twisting splash on Homicide. Konnan caught Dutt with the slapjack to the back on the top rope. Hernandez grabbed Dutt and powerbombed him half-way across the ring for the pin and win.

WINNERS: LAX at 10:10. Heck of a match. Good drama, good action, and the crowd was into it. The revitalized, non-watered down LAX is a vast improvement. They've earned additional TV time.

- Scott Steiner was interviewed by Borash. He said the four-way is going to come down to himself and Sting. Steiner said Joe is half the man he is. He gave us a biology lesson on why Joe is fat. Steiner told Christian to go to the gym and eat a steak. He called Canada "Mexico North." Steiner said Sting has been playing Checkers when everyone else has been playing Chess. Well, they use the same playing board. Borash said if Steiner wins, he would face Jarrett. Steiner said he doesn’t care because he has no friends.

- Scott D'Amore and Team Canada, dressed in suits except for Eric Young, walked out to the ring for the last time. D'Amore took the mic and said tonight is the last night we would ever see Team Canada stand in the ring together. The fans cheered. D'Amore called Jim Cornette a self-serving, Kentucky Fried Idiot. He told Cornette to be careful what he wishes for. "You think this is the end of Team Canada, but this is the beginning of something so much larger," he said. The fans sang, "Na-na-na, good-bye." D'Amore addressed Bobby Roode. He called Roode the greatest pure athlete he has ever seen in any sport. D'Amore said Roode was the glue that held the team together, but it's time for Roode to look out for number one. He said Roode is the hottest free agent in wrestling and every great mind in wrestling wants to guide his career. He said it's inevitable Roode will be NWA Champion. D'Amore spent a little too much time in the sun. Roode gave hugs to everyone but Young, who he simply gave a high-five. Young was sad. D'Amore told the fans to be quiet as they chanted, "Eric Young." Young just cowered in the corner. D'Amore addressed Petey Williams. He said he touched him deeply to the point where he called him his son and captain of Team Canada. D'Amore told Petey to get back to the X Division and dominate. Tenay and West mock cried and asked for Kleenexes. Petey gave Young the cold-shoulder on the way out of the ring.

D'Amore addressed A-1, who he said he found him as a bouncer in a strip club. "You can't wrestle," the fans chanted. D'Amore told them to shut up. He said he never regretted bringing A-1 to the fold because he's a great athlete. D'Amore said he could kick the fan's asses. A-1 gave Young the cold shoulder out of the ring. D'Amore turned his attention to Young. The fans chanted, "Super Eric." D'Amore said Young must be happy with himself for causing the break up. He said it's because of Young's ignorance, arrogance, and self-righteousness. The fans chanted for Eric. D'Amore said he took a fat kid from Florence, Ontario and turned him into Showtime Eric Young. "You made an idiot out of me for it!" D'Amore said. He said Canada broke up because of Young. Young's lip quivered as D'Amore gave him a tongue lashing. D'Amore asked for the Canada jacket back. Young gave it back to him. D'Amore wanted his pants back too. Young stripped down to his boxer shorts. He had one black sock and one white sock. Young asked for help. D'Amore said West or "his metrosexual buddy" Borash can't save him. He said no one can save him. The fans chanted, "We will save you." D'Amore said that despite everything that has happened, he still has a soft side for him, but his deepest fears will be realized when his ass is fired. Canada music hit as Young stood confused in the ring. He choked back tears then took the mic. "Do you guys want me to be fired?" he asked. The fans said, "No" in unison. "Will you guys help me then?" Young asked. "Yes!" the fans said. Young said the plan is set for their own secret plan. "Don't fire Eric will be our own secret message," he said. Young jumped into the crowd and celebrated as if he won a title belt.

- They announced that the October Bound for Glory PPV would be in Detroit.

- Borash was backstage with Low Ki. He said he has accomplished his mission to be X Division Champion since returning to TNA. Borash brought up the mystery opponent. Low Ki dared the former X Division champion to take the belt from him.

4 -- SENSHI vs. KAZARIAN -- X Division Title match

Kazarian came out sans ponytail with jet black hair. They went into basic mat wrestling early on. Senshi landed stiff kicks to the gut. The action slowed to a crawl as Senshi worked on Kazarian in the corner and on the mat. "This is boring," the fans chanted before they were cut off. Senshi fired off stiff kicks to the gut. "I feel like I'm watching a Bruce Lee movie," West commented. Kazarian hit a spinning back breaker off the ropes to cut Senshi off. Kazarian caught Senshi in the chest with a charging kick. He followed in with his trademark lift up drop kick in the corner. Kazarian went for the Electric Chair, but Senshi blocked. Senshi caught Kazarian on the mat with a standing double foot stomp to the chest. Senshi caught Kazarian with kicks to the face then missed with a corner splash. Kazarian landed a springboard DDT off the ropes. Senshi kicked out of a pin attempt then kicked Kazarian in the corner. He went up top and landed the double foot stomp for the win.

WINNER: Senshi in 11:25. Basic match. Not on the level of the A.J., Daniels, and Joe X Division Title matches. Kazarian seemed to have lost some charisma with the haircut. He was so good at the casual, laid-back, SoCal'er. He was generic wrestler #1 in this match.

- Larry Zbyszko was jogging in place backstage talking to Borash. He said he's ready for Raven. Slick Johnson jogged over and said Zbyszko could lose his job and the match. He also said he would be the referee for the hair vs. hair match.

5 -- RAVEN vs. LARRY ZBYSZKO -- Hair vs. Hair match

Zbyszko walked to the ring flanked by security. A Japanese ring entrance anthem came on before Raven's music hit. Raven came to the ring from the bleachers. Slick tripped Zbyszko before the opening bell. Zbyszko and Slick shoved each other down. Zbyszko took Raven down with mat holds. He kicked Raven in the knees and began working on the leg. Zbyszko applied a spinning toehold before Raven kicked free. Zbyszko went for a piledriver, but Raven slipped out and hit the DDT. He had he pin, but Slick Johnson was on the mat holding his ankle. Zbyszko low blowed Raven then went for a cover and Slick counted a nearfall. Weird. After a few nearfalls, Raven hit the Raven's Effect DDT for the win.

WINNER: Raven at 4:00. Anti-climatic with the focus being on Slick Johnson's odd behavior.

- Afterwards, Zbyszko began to walk off. He walked by the barber's chair then security grabbed him and dragged him back to the barber's chair. Raven strapped Zbyszko to the chair with duct tape. He took the hair shears and began to cut Zbyszko's hair off. Zbyszko tried to scream in agony to make the moment seem dramatic, but the crowd was silent for this. Raven thought about going below the shorts, be he had second thoughts. Slick mocked Zbyszko so he kicked Slick between the legs. Raven helped Slick back to his feet so he could trim some hair. "You're all fired!" Zbyszko screamed. Lame.

- Borash was backstage with Kevin Nash, Alex Shelley, and Johnny Devine. Nash mocked Hogan. Shelley said he hasn't seen Nash this hot since he beat Bob Backlund. "Eight seconds!" Nash screamed. Devine introduced a new X Division DVD with Nash on the cover. Nash tossed the DVD aside. He said tonight's match against Sabin and Lethal isn't about money; it's about competition. He asked Borash if he wanted to see the DVD. Nash spun around and flashed his chest in Borash's face. Nash quoted Terri Hatcher from Seinfeld, "They're real and they're spectacular."


Shelley and Sabin started things off. They exchanged mat holds and reversals before Shelley went crawling to Nash's leg. Nash took a tag and slowly entered the ring. He did some calisthenics. Lethal took a tag. Nash hit an arm drag out of nowhere. "That was awesome," the fans chanted as Nash soaked it up. Lethal came back with an arm drag, which the camera missed. Lethal went for a springboard splash, but Nash wasn't in position to catch him. Shelley entered the ring and took a drop toehold from Lethal. Sabin hit a double foot drop kick to Shelley's face. Nash and Shelley huddled on the outside. Back in the ring, Shelley spit in Lethal's face. Lethal came back with a float over dropkick then went up top. Devine crotched him. Shelley applied the crotch claw while Sabin was tied up with the referee. Nash took a tag and worked on Lethal in the heel corner. They exchanged tags then Nash accidentally caught Shelley with a knee to the gut. Sabin took a hot tag and dropped Nash to his stomach with a drop kick to the knees. Sabin hung up Shelley in the Tree of Woe then ran off Nash's back with a baseball slide kick in the corner. Lethal hit a top rope leg drop on Nash. They caught Shelley in mid-air with a double drop kick. Devine tried to break up a pin attempt, but he caught Shelley on accident. Lethal and Devine spilled to the outside. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock on Shelley, but Shelley slipped out with an eye rake. Sabin reversed a clothesline attempt and rolled through on Shelley for a bridge pin for the win.

Afterwards, Lethal caught Nash from behind. Sabin and Lethal toyed with Nash before Shelley and Devine ran into the ring and gave Paparazzi the advantage. Nash went for a powerbomb on Sabin, but Jerry Lynn ran into the ring with a chair and cleared the heels. Lynn took off his agent badge and threw it down to the mat. He knelt over Sabin and Lethal.

WINNERS: Sabin and Lethal at 9:08. Decent action with an exciting finish. Sabin had the best offense of the match, but that didn't translate to much in terms of getting over.

- Borash interviewed Team 3D backstage. Brother Ray repeated "Violence" over and over. Borash's eyes began to bug out. Ray said someone was going through a table.

7 -- TEAM 3D (BROTHER RAY & BROTHER DEVON & BROTHER RUNT) vs. JAMES GANG (B.G. & KIP) & ABYSS (w/James Mitchell) -- Anything goes; No DQ

Team 3D dominated early on before Abyss tagged in. Runt wanted the tag. He went nose-to-nose standing on his tippy toes. Abyss piefaced him then caught him with elbows to the face. Runt slipped out of a chokeslam attempt, but he didn't escape a lift-up slam high into the air. Ray took a tag and squared off with Abyss. He hit a modified Rock Bottom for a nearfall. Ray mocked B.G.'s dance then walked into a chokeslam. Devon ran in and accepted a big boot to the face. Runt ran in. Abyss press slammed him into the crowd, but the crowd caught him and surreally body surfed him back towards the ringside area. Unfortunately, they dropped him flat on the back of his head on the floor. Kip tossed a trashcan full of weapons into the ring. Kip and B.G. shared a few beers before taking low blows from behind. The six wrestlers paired off and fought throughout the ringside area. Runt threw a chair into Abyss's face. He jumped off the entrance stage with a double foot stomp to Abyss's torso region. Runt choked Abyss with a golf club and they went into the ring. Runt decided to slip out of the ring instead of taking the Black Hole Slam. Ray pulled out a staple gun and stapled Abyss's forehead. Ray held up a sign that read, "ECW Fears TNA." He stapled the sign to Abyss's forehead. Meanwhile, Kip entered the ring and gave Ray the Fameasser. The action broke down. Ray quickly recovered and slammed a trashcan lid over Abyss's head before slamming him. Devon went up top and hit the top rope diving headbutt to the crotch. Team 3D called for a table, but they were met with clotheslines by Kip and B.G. B.G. went under the ring and pulled out a table. They slid it into the ring and set it up. Ray pulled the table out of the way before Runt could take a suplex through the table. 3D hit double team moves on Kip. Before 3D could hit the 3D on Abyss or B.G., Kip clocked Ray with a Cane. James Gang cleared Ray and Devon to the outside. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam on Runt onto the table, but the table didn't give way. Abyss pushed Runt down onto the table then covered him for the win.

WINNERS: Abyss & James Gang at 10:27. Didn't really accomplish much. The third wheel pinned the third wheel and the four main players didn't settle anything. I suppose that's a good thing if this is leading to a future tag match. Then again, it probably is time to move away from this.

- Borash interviewed AMW with Gail Kim backstage. Chris Harris said they only need one chance to retain the NWA Tag Titles. Before Gail could answer a question about Sirelda, James Storm interrupted and said their miscommunication problem is gone. Storm began to a take a swig, but Harris pulled the bottle away. He said they don't need beer for the match. Storm said he had 16 stiches in his forehead because of the last time the bottle became involved. Harris and Gail walked off without Storm. Borash thought about taking a swig, but Storm took the bottle back. Boy, it would be nice for the tag champs to have a promo.


Storm walked to the ring with the beer bottle in hand. Harris tried to take it away from him. Storm avoided the Styles dropsault early on. He put on his Cowboy hat then tagged out. Harris came in and took an arm drag. Storm came in and took that dropsault. Styles put on the hat and mocked Storm. He chucked the hat into the stands. Gail took a tag. Sirelda took a tag after Gail slapped her in the face. Storm took a tag, but didn't realize he was squaring off with a woman. He slipped up then tagged out to Harris. Gail tried to attack Sirelda from behind, which helped AMW knock Sirelda down. The action broke down in the ring. The tag champs stacked up AMW and Gail in the corner. Gail fell down face-first into Storm's crotch. Harris fell down into doggy style position behind Gail. Harris snapped to and realized the awkward moment. Gail screamed and ran out of the ring. The champs went back on the offensive. Styles put Gail over his knee and began to spank her. Harris cut Styles off then Gail low blowed Styles. Harris mocked Styles's painful crotchal region then landed an atomic drop. He landed a spinebuster out of the corner. Gail applied a tarantula submission hold in center ring. She drove Styles to the mat and Styles broke the hold by reaching the ropes. Styles fought out of the heel corner and hit an amazing double springboard moonsault into the Reverse DDT on Storm. Daniels hit the DVD on Storm for a nearfall. He set up for Angel's Wings, but Gail raked Daniels in the eyes from behind. Sirelda and Gail brawled. Gail snapped off a strange move then the action broke down. Gail snapped off a huricanrana on Daniels. Sirelda clotheslined Gail then Harris clotheslined Sirelda. Styles hit a top rope clothesline. Storm hit a power move then Daniels hit the STO in the Grapevine leg submission. Harris broke up the hold. AMW went for the Death Sentence, but Gail hit the leg drop portion from the top as Storm held Daniels. They scored a nearfall. Harris clotheslined Styles then grabbed the handcuffs. Daniels ducked a fist blow then Daniels hit Angel's Wings. He made a cover, but Gail Kim kicked Daniels off the pin. Sirelda clotheslined Gail then took a superkick from Storm. Styles came off the top with a cross body block on Storm for a nearfall. Storm hit the Eye of the Storm then made a cover for another nearfall at 10:55. Storm brought his beer bottle into the ring. Harris stole the bottle and said he didn't want it in the ring. Styles caught Storm from behind with a roll up for a nearfall. Harris tried to use a chair on Styles, but it backfired into hitting Storm with the chair. Styles rolled up Storm with a bridge pin for the win.

WINNERS: Styles & Daniels & Sirelda at 12:02 to retain the NWA Tag Titles. Exciting and entertaining at times, but too much going on overall. A lot of nearfalls for the sake of having nearfalls.

- Tenay and West talked about the August 13 Hard Justice PPV. They broke down the #1 Contender match.

- Borash was with Samoa Joe backstage. Joe said this is the only #1 Contender match he's going to need. He told his opponents to heed the cry, "Joe is gonna kill you." Joe said he would take what's his.

- Steiner was shown pumping up backstage on the way to the ring. He entered the ring. They went back to the backstage area where Samoa Joe walked out of a door then walked out to the arena. Christian Cage was shown walking backstage with a smirk on his face. He walked past the Gorilla position through the tunnel to the ring. Sting was shown walking backstage. He nearly ran over the cameraman following him. He walked out through the tunnel to a loud ovation.

9 -- SAMOA JOE vs. SCOTT STEINER vs. STING vs. CHRISTIAN CAGE -- #1 Contender's match

Steiner and Joe trash talked. Sting and Joe began to exchange pleasantries before Sting caught him with a right hand. Sting hit a Stinger Splash to Joe's back in the corner. Joe caught him with a front slam, but Sting went after Joe's knee with chopblocks. Sting applied the Deathlock, but Steiner broke the hold. Steiner sent Joe to the outside. Christian knocked Steiner to the outside. In the ring, it was Joe and Christian. Joe piefaced Christian then Christian slapped him. They exchanged blows. Joe caught him with a stiff kick to the head, but the camera inexplicably cut away to Sting-Steiner on the outside before contact was made in the ring. Joe washed Christian's face then hit a charging kick to the head. On the outside, Sting slammed a chair over Steiner's back. The pairs switched who was in the ring and who was out of the ring. A random man ran out and sprayed something in Sting's eyes. The man took off his beanie revealing Jeff Jarrett. Fans threw trash as Jarrett. Don West and Tenay said it smelled like gasoline. Officials tended to Sting then Sting left the Impact zone. In the ring, Steiner clotheslined Joe then dropped an elbow. Steiner did push-ups next to Joe. Backstage, Jarrett was told to leave the building. Jarrett scampered off. In the ring, Joe dropped a knee to Steiner's throat. Christian caught Joe with a clothesline. Joe came back with a Muscle Buster attempt, but Christian slipped out. He caught Joe with right hands and kicks to the gut. Christian washed Joe's face then set up for a charging kick, but Steiner pulled Christian to the outside. Steiner suplexed Christian on the floor. While Christian and Steiner exchanged blows, Joe flew through the ropes with a suicide dive on both men. Joe recoiled backwards on impact. He clotheslined Christian on the floor after sending Steiner into the ring. Joe went under the ring and pulled out a table. He set up a table on the outside. Steiner fought off a suplex attempt on the apron then dropped Joe throat-first across the apron. Steiner placed Joe back-first on the table. Steiner flew off the apron with an elbow smash on Joe through the table. Christian picked up Steiner and threw him back into the ring. He made a cover for a nearfall. Christian mocked Steiner's pose then walked into a powerslam from Steiner. He took Christian up top and hit a side belly to back suplex. Joe walked into the ring then covered Steiner for a nearfall. He covered Christian for a nearfall. Christian drop toe holded Joe into Steiner's head. He went up top and missed with a frogsplash at 11:20. Steiner hit the belly to belly suplex on Christian then applied the Steiner Recliner at12:30. Joe came up behind Steiner and applied the Kokina Clutch. Joe released the hold as Christian began to climb the top rope. Joe climbed up and met Christian. Steiner met both men. Sting ran to the ring with a bandage over his head. He Stinger Splashed Steiner in the corner. Christian hit a Frog splash on Steiner. Christian had a cover, but Sting broke up the pin. Sting and Christian discussed matters. Steiner dumped Christian and Joe over the top rope to the floor. Sting caught Steiner with the Scorpion Deathdrop then made the cover for the win.

Afterwards, Christian argued with Sting about pulling him off the pin attempt on Steiner. They went face-to-face then backed up. Sting asked what he wants from him. Christian extended a hand. Sting didn't move. He shook hands then they embraced. Sting didn't give a full embrace as Christian gave a full hug. Christian walked out of the ring to the apron and applauded Sting.



No Surrender 2005

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