Against All Odds 2006

Universal Studios Orlando
Orlando, Florida
February 12, 2006

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After ten minutes of good tag action, including a dive spot over the top rope to ringside by Stevens, Aries went for a pin on Stevens with a grip on the ropes. The ref noticed. As Aries protested, Douglas and Stevens gave him their Natural Disaster finisher for the win. Tenay said the Naturals are back on the winning track and it couldn't have come at a better time.

WINNERS: The Naturals at 10:28.




Tenay and West talked about this being a chance for Lethal to prove himself on a big show that he belongs among X Division contenders. A loud segment of the crowd was solidly behind Lethal, based in part on his strong ROH work over the past year or so. Tenay pointed out how young Lethal was at 20, and how Shelley at 22 was second youngest, and how Bentley was the oldest at 26. Shelley and Williams worked together to weaken Lethal. It's a good plan for the match given the crowd's enthusiasm for Lethal since they popped for his comeback attempts. Lethal made a comeback and tagged in Bentley at 8:00. Williams, though, took over. Jackie came to ringside and slapped Shelley. Meanwhile, Lethal surprised a distracted Williams during a Canadian Destroyer attempt and scored the three count.

WINNER: Lethal at 10:37.


3 -- HOMICIDE & MACHETE (w/Konnan) vs. THE JAMES GANG (B.G. James & Kip James)

Konnan introduced the new member of his LAX faction, Machete. James gave Homicide a powerbomb early on. Eventually, the heels took control thanks to interference from Konnan. Homicide worked over Kip. Tenay talked repeatedly about the "street thug mentality" of Konnan's gang. Homicide threw Kip face-first into the corner ringpost as Kip flew at him. Konnan interfered, pounding on Kip's chest and biting him. A minute later, B.G. tagged in and quickly disposed of Machete. Konnan attacked B.G. right as he was about to celebrate. Bob Armstrong returned to TNA to make the save. Konnan fled the ring. He retreated with his gang members.

WINNERS: The James Gang at 6:00.




Dutt opened with some solid offense, high-energy as always with him. When Sabin tagged in, Tenay and West played into Sabin's ankle injury, wondering if that would be a major factor. AMW concentrated on it in the early minutes, which made sense. The ref checked on Sabin at 6:00 if he could continue. Sabin said he could. He managed to make it near his corner, but Storm cut him off just before he tagged Dutt. Sabin finally hot-tagged in at 7:00. He hit a flurry of offense, including a huracanrana and a springboard dropkick on both Harris and Storm. He followed with a springboard flip onto AMW. He got caught , though, for a Hart Attack clothesline, but Sabin made the save before it could be executed. Sonjay then slammed Storm to the mat and scored a near fall. The crowd chanted "Dutt, Dutt, Dutt." Harris caught Dutt in mid-air and went for the Catatonic, but Dutt reversed it into a schoolboy for a near fall. Storm slid a chair into the ring, but Dutt slidekicked his ankle. Sabin gave Harris a tornado DDT on the chair. Dunn splashed Harris right afterward and scored a very near fall. A "Sonjay, Sonjay, Sonjay" chant broke out. Storm wrapped Sabin's injured ankle around the security rail at ringside. Dutt went for his spinning flip splash, but Storm missed. AMW then gave Dutt the Death Sentence for the win. AMW handcuffed Dutt's wrists to the ringpost after the match. Just as Harris was about to strike Dutt with the chair, Sabin made the save. He cleared the ring of AMW with a chair, despite limping badly.

WINNERS: AMW at 10:26 to retain the tag titles.



5 -- ABYSS (w/James Mitchell) vs. "THE WAR MACHINE" RHINO - Falls Count Anywhere

The wrestlers used weapons against each other early. Rhino used a bat to cruch a trophy resting in Abyss's crotch. Nobody sells a nut shot better than Abyss with that shaking routine that makes it seem like he is getting freezing cold water poured all over him. They brawled up the rampway and onto the stage. They brawled into the parking garage. There was a older car, circa 1993ish, visible, which means it was about to take a beating. Sure enough, it took a couple baseball bat shots. Back in the arena, Abyss whipped Rhino into a trash can. Rhino made a comeback, then slid a table into the ring. Meanwhile, Mitchell handed Abyss a staple gun. Abyss stapled Rhino's forehead, causing Rhino to bleed more. When Abyss reentered in the ring, Rhino set up a Gore into the table in the corner. Abyss reversed it and chokeslammed Rhino through another table, scoring a two count. Rhino hit the Gore on Abyss through the table in the corner for a very near fall. The crowd chanted, "This is awesome!" They brawled into the crowd again, up the stands this time at 13:00. Abyss broke a board away from the edge of the stands and used it as a weapon against Rhino's head. Abyss then set up a chokeslam off the edge. Rhino kicked Abyss between the legs, "perfectly placed" said Tenay. Rhino then Gored him off the edge. Abyss fell backwards onto two layers of two tables (four in all) below. The crowd chanted "Holy Sh--!" Rhino then climbed down to the floor and made the cover for the win.

WINNERS: Rhino at 15:25.




Tenay pointed out how Daniels and Styles just wrestled days ago in Seoul, Korea. Tenay talked about Joe's eight month winning streak, and how daunting a task it is for Styles and Daniels to try to end it. Styles got in some early offense, but Joe made a comeback at 1:30. He hit Styles in the chest with a stiff roundhouse kick. Daniels surprised Joe with a flying elbow. Joe reversed Daniels into the corner. Styles catapulted Daniels into Joe's arms, then broke up a pin attempt by Joe.

Styles was ready to leap onto Joe at ringside, but Daniels nailed him with an elbow. As Daniels went for dive through the ropes, Joe cut him off with a slap. Styles then threw Joe into the ringpost. Great sequence. Back in the ring, Styles and Daniels faced off. Joe applied a submission on Styles; Daniels then put Joe in a submission. Joe relinquished the hold. Joe slapped Daniels hard several times, then hit him with a high charging knee in the corner. He followed up with the face wash and a running boot to the face. Daniels rolled to the floor. Styles charged at Joe, but Joe caught him and slammed him to the mat with one arm. Joe's nonchalant, matter-of-fact, killer intensity and attitude in every move he executes just sets him apart so much from everyone else.

Styles dove at Joe with a flip dive, but Joe moved, so Styles flew over the top rope onto Daniels. As Daniels and Styles fought at ringside, Joe dove through the ropes and hit them both with elbows. The crowd chanted "TNA, TNA." Joe therw Daniels back into the ring, then casually walked over to Styles and kicked him almost playfully, to see how out of it he was. Joe threw Styles back into the ring. Styles gave Joe a leg sweep out of nowhere, knocking him to ringside. Styles then rolled up Daniels for a near fall. They reversed each other several times. Joe returned to the ring and hit Daniels from behind. Styles gave Daniels a discus clothesline out of Joe's arms and Joe went with it with a killer back suplex. Joe then nailed Styles with a clothesline. The crowd chanted "This is awesome!"

Joe gave Daniels a reverse atomic drop and then a charging boot to the face followed by a senton splash for a two count at 8:45. Joe caught Daniels with a snap powerslam for a two count, then applied a cross armbreaker. Daniels reached the bottom rope to force a break. Joe kicked Styles in the corner to keep him down, then went back after Daniels. Joe chopped Daniels in the chest, then kicked him in the gut. As he set up a Muscle Buster in the corner, Styles hit Joe from behind with a Pele Kick. Daniels went after Styles, but Styles caught Daniels with a kick to the gut. Joe took Styles down with a dropkick. Joe hit Daniels with a running kneedrop.

At 11:30, Daniels finally got sustained offense in against Joe. He hit the BME for a two count at 12:15. He signalled for Angel's Wings. Joe powered out of it. Styles leaped on the back of Joe and rolled him up, then went for a Styles Clash. Daniels went dead weight and then flipped out of it. He hit Styles with a forearm to the face. Joe surprised Daniels with a clothesline for a near fall. Great bump by Daniels. Styles went on a flurry of offense, hitting Joe with a Pele Kick and Daniels with a gutbuster for a nearfall. Styles lifted Daniels for the Torture Rack, then spun him to the mat. Joe broke up the pin attempt.

Styles flipped off the ropes with an inverted DDT on Joe for a two count. Daniels broke up Styles's attempt at a Styles Clash. Daniels lifted Joe and slammed him sideways onto his head. Styles broke up a pin attempt and knocked Daniels to the floor. Joe gave Daniels a boot to the face, knocking him to ringside. Joe then gave Styles the Musclebuster off the top rope for the three count.

WINNER: Joe at 16:02 to retain the X Title.




This was billed as a grudge match with revenge at stake for Team 3D, but it was really the padding between the X Division match and the World Title match since it was predictable that the main event wouldn't want to follow the X Division match. Team 3D dominated early. D'Amore distracted Devon, giving Young a chance to hit him from behind. D'Amore threw Devon head-first into the steel steps. D'Amore rubbed Devon's face into the stairs. Roode punched away at Devon's bloodied forehead. Team Canada then got in sustained offense in the ring against Devon for several minutes. Devon used a low blow on Young to try to get free to tag in BRD at 10:30. Roode cut him off. Half a minute later, he did make the tag. BRD entered with a leap off the top rope - not his usual territory. He went on a flurry of offense against both Canadians. Roode swung a hockey stick at BRD, but BRD ducked. He then used a low blow to slow BRD. Young hit him with a hockey stick for a two count at 13:15. Young went to the top rope and went for a moonsault, but BRD moved. Team 3D then hit the 3D for the win. After the match, as Team 3D cornered D'Amore, AMW jumped in to prevent the revenge. As AMW set up Devon for a move through a table, Ron Killings made the save. BRD set Young on a table mid-ring. Killings then hit a top rope legdrop. driving Young through the table.

WINNERS: Team 3D at 13:55.



8 -- JEFF JARRETT (w/Gail Kim) vs. CHRISTIAN CAGE - NWA World Hvt. Title match

In the prematch talking points, Tenay said Christian is out to prove that "without a glass ceiling," he can rise to the top. Borash, of course, handling ring intros, first announcing the entrance of Larry Zbyszko and Earl Hebner, the appointed special referee. Great ring intros by Borash as usual, giving the scene a "big match" feel. Let's see, how can Jarrett retain his heel heat and retain the World Title, without cleaning beating Christian, when no outside interference is allowed? Perhaps a crooked referee would factor in? Just a thought. Tenay pointed out that Jarrett has been NWA Champion for two and a half of the four years TNA has been in existence. He didn't note that he is part founder and part owner of the company, since that probably would take a little shine off of that "accomplishment."

Christian got in Jarrett's face before the bell. Jarrett shoved him. Jarrett paint brushed and slapped Christian in the face in the opening minutes after some criss-crosses. Christian sunset flipped Jarrett for an early pin attempt. Jarrett took early control, swinging Christian into the security railing. Back in the ring, Jarrett hit a dropkick and scored a two count at 4:15. Jarrett settled into a chinlock. Christian quickly (thankfully) stood up and elbowed out of it. He chopped Jarrett, but when he dove at Jarrett, Jarrett sidestepped him and threw him into the ropes. Hebner broke up Jarrett's attack on Christian while he was in the ropes, yanking him back by his hair. Jarrett dove onto Christian's back and then gave him an uppercut from ringside. Gail jumped off the top rope and snapped Christian to the mat with a huracanrana as Jarrett distracted the ref. Jarrett stomped Christian, then kicked him in the gut in the corner, and went for a sleeper. Christian broke it up quickly.

Jarrett went for a headscissors, but Christian slammed him to the mat. He applied the figure-four leglock at 7:15. Kim yanked Jarrett to the ropes, giving Jarrett the extra reach he needed to force a break. Christian released the hold, but pointed at Kim. Christian shoved Earl, but when he turned Jarrett caught his leg and kicked him in the head. Jarrett then applied the Sharpshooter. "Don't tell me!" said Tenay. It was only 10:41 p.m., so the finish wasn't coming yet. "Don't you dare do it!" said West. Tenay said, "We don't want a repeat of 1997!" Christian almost powered out, but Jarrett used the ropes to keep his leverage. Christian eventually did power out at 9:00 and applied the Sharpshooter himself.

As Kim reached into the ring, Christian dragged Jarrett to center ring. Jarrett kicked out of the hold. Both men went down. When both men rose, Christian knocked Jarrett to the mat with a clothesline and a forearm. Christian dropped Jarrett with a DDT for a near fall. The ringside fans were standing, but there wasn't crazy wild crowd heat by any means for the near falls. The fans sensed the finish wasn't near yet. Hebner went down with an ankle injury. Christian went to the top rope. Kim grabbed Christian's leg. Jarrett then set up a top rope Stroke at 11:45. It got him only a two count because Hebner was so slow in being able to move into position to make the count. Hebner then went down right before Christian hit the Unprettier. Ref Slick Johnson ran in as the replacement ref and counted two on Jarrett at 13:00. Christian set up a Stroke of his own, but Christian mule kicked him. Jarrett then kicked the second ref between the legs before he could DQ Jarrett for the low kick. Jarrett signalled for a chair, which Kim slid into the ring. Christian dropkicked the chair into Jarrett's face. Christian made the cover as the crowd counted to seven and beyond. Christian decided to chase Kim around ringside. He grabbed her by the hair. She screamed. Jarrett then nailed Christian with the guitar just as Christian was about to give Kim the Unprettier. Kim cleared the ring of the guitar pieces. Jarrett smiled and covered Christian. The smile was so broad and cocky, you knew it wouldn't lead to the pin. Hebner came to enough to count Christian's shoulders down, but Christian kicked out at the very last second. Kim went to the top again, but Christian blocked her huracanrana attempt and powerbombed her to the mat with a thud. Jarrett then went for a Stroke. Christian instead gave Jarrett the Unprettier. A groggy Hebner made the three count. The crowd went bananas. Pyro shot off as Christian celebrated his title win. Rhino joined Christian in the ring, then the fans stormed the ring and celebrated with Christian, reenacting the Public Enemy celebration in ECW over ten years ago. Great PPV-ending scene.

WINNER: Christian at 16:23 to capture the NWA World Hvt. Title.