ECW Heatwave 2000
Los Angeles, California
July 16, 2000
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The show opens with Jasmine St. Claire and The Blue Meanie. Meanie sees a man on the beach with a slightly overweight figure, and says it disgusts him. The man takes offense, and begins to taunt Meanie. St. Claire attacks the man from behind with a low blow.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner kick off the show in the ring. Cyrus of the Network enters the ring after they introduce themselves, with a TNN microphone. Cyrus says he is the man who had Super Crazy deported, the man who gave the TV title to Rhino, the man who used ECW’s TNN advertising to promote Rollerjam, and the man who stripped Rob Van Dam of the TV title. Gertner piped in and called Cyrus the man who was looking through the glory hole while George Michael was spanking it! Cyrus said he was the man who canceled ECW on TNN, and would do the same to Gertner with one punch. He went on to call Gertner "gutless" and said he never paid his dues. Gertner said that was the last straw, and he didn’t want to be affiliated anything Cyrus was in. He prepared to leave, but attacked Cyrus as he had his back turned. Security broke both men up, with Cyrus yelling he wanted Gertner to be taken to jail.

Big Sal and Tony Mamaluke came out and manhandled a referee. Balls Mahoney came to the referee’s defense, taking out Mamaluke. Sal attacked Mahoney, spitting in his face and delivering big forearm blows. Balls recovered and dented a chair over Sal’s head. This woke up the big man, who chokeslammed Balls and gave him a low blow. Sal covered Balls and won the impromptu match with a suplex.

Rob Van Dam was interviewed backstage, and promised to put his new move, "The Van Terminator" on Scotty Anton later tonight.

Simon Diamond, Swinger and CW Anderson vs Kid Kash, Danny Doring and Roadkill
Swinger and Diamond said they had a problem, and brought out CW Anderson as the solution. Lou E. Dangerously and Electra confronted Anderson on his way to ringside, but Anderson distanced himself. Diamond and Kash go at it fast paced, with neither having a firm advantage. CW Anderson tags in, with Kash hitting a body drop off the top rope for a near pinfall. Diamond steps in to break up the pin, and double team Kash. Anderson tags out to Swinger, who pounds on Kash with the help of Anderson. Kash fires back with knife edge chops on Anderson, and hits a moonsault. Doring is tagged in, who continues Anderson’s beating. Doring shows off for the camera and gets taken down by Swinger, who gets a two count. Anderson and Doring go at it until both men are down with a double clothesline. Roadkill sees his first action with Swinger, who hits a dirtroad slam. Doring helps Roadkill by sending Diamond, Swinger and Anderson over the top rope, and Kash follows up with a suicide dive on all three men. All three recover in time for Roadkill to try his hand with a dive from the ring apron to the floor.

Diamond and Doring doubleteam Roadkill once in the ring, hitting a double suplex from the top rope. His team saves him from pinfall, and get the win when Kash hits the "Moneymaker."

Steve Corino (with Jack Victory) vs Jerry Lynn
Lynn storms the ring and attacks both Corino and Jack Victory, sending them outside the ring with dropkicks. Lynn went to the top and launched off onto Victory and Corino outside the ring. He followed with a weird legdrop between the ropes on Corino. Lynn and Corino battled on the floor, with Corino using a chair and hitting a tornado DDT on the exposed floor. Corino was busted wide open after the venture outside, and Lynn capitalized on it back inside the ring. Victory strategically placed a chair inside the ring, and after taking several punches, Corino powerbombed Lynn onto the chair. Corino distracted the referee while Victory attacked. This went on for several minutes, Corino attacking and then distracting the referee, allowing Victory to have his way with Lynn outside the ring.

Victory caught himself in a error as he threw Corino a chair, which ended up being kicked back in his own face. Lynn took the advantage, knocking Corino off the top rope and then hitting a powerful faceslam on a chair. Blood continued to pour from Corino’s face, and Lynn took the chance to write the letters "DIE" on his chest in Steve’s own blood. Corino recovered and hit the "Old School Expulsion," but Lynn kicked out. Victory jumped on the apron with a handfull of powder, which was slapped out of his hands by Lynn. The powder went into the referee’s eyes, who was blinded and could not count when he had the pin on Corino. Steve took off his boot and blasted Lynn between the eyes, but the referee still wasn’t awake. Victory hit Lynn with a cowbell, woke up the referee, who counted out Lynn but only got to two when he kicked out. A series of about 10 near-falls followed, with the crowd on their feet. Lynn got to his feet first and hit a piledriver on Corino to seal the win.

Backstage, Rhino attacked Sandman while he was cutting an interview. He grabbed Sandman’s wife and put her face in a toilet.

Dawn Marie joined the commentators booth with Joey Styles and Cyrus.

Unannounced, New Jack came to the ring on crutches. As Jack was walking down the aisle, the Baldies attacked him. They stapled Jack’s face twice and pummeled him with fists. Chris Chetti and Nova ran to save New Jack, attacking both Baldies. They used Jack’s crutches as weapons, and both did a suicide dive onto both Baldies. Once the action calmed down outside the ring, Baldies hit the flapjacker on Nova. That wasn’t enough to pick up the pinfall, however. Chetti tagged in and took down both Baldies, but was overcome by the doubleteam action. On a side note, LWN’s Mike Becker just made it on TV! Nova hit a series of piledrivers on one Baldie, but was clotheslined by the other. This didn’t keep them down, and they hit the Tidal wave on Angel Baldie to win the second impromptu match of the night, rescuing the injured New Jack.

Little Guido vs Psicosis vs Tajiri
As Tajiri was being introduced, Mikey Whipwreck and Sinister Minister came to ringside. Guido bit the bait and attacked Whipwreck, allowing Tajiri to attack Guido. Whipwreck made himself part of the match, going after Tajiri and hitting a Whippersnapper. Psicosis took to the air and sent all three men over the top and to the floor. Tony Mamaluke came to the ring and tried to attack Whipwreck, but was sent packing. Big Sal also came out, and threw Whipwreck into the ringpost. All the extras left the ring, with the original three slated to compete taking part in the match.

Tajiri and Psicosis went at it first, with fast paced action as expected. Tajiri used an asai moonsault to take out both opponents. Guido was the first to make it to his feet, and received one of Tajiri’s famed buzzsaw kicks. Psicosis got in, and received kicks as well. After only two, Psicosis was pinned and the first competitor eliminated.

Guido and Tajiri were left, with Tajiri taking Guido to school. Tajiri stretched Guido and put the Tarantula on him. He got a chair and tied Guido to the "Tree of Woe" and blasted away. Lining up the chair with Guido’s head, Tajiri went in for a baseball slide. Tajiri’s moves backfired when he ran towards Guido with a chair in hand, and it was blasted in his own face with a kick.

Guido took advantage with knife edge chops, planting Tajiri on a chair with a faceslam. He went for the "Kiss of Death" but Tajiri countered, spitting the green mist in Guido’s eyes. Tajiri hit a brainbuster on a chair and got the win.

Television Title
The Sandman vs Rhino

In a funny moment as Sandman entered the ring through the crowd, he mouthed "How old are you?" to a fan before he poured beer down his throat.

Rhino entered the ring, and fell directly into four shots with Sandman’s cane. Rhino kept coming after the cane shots, and Sandman kept sending him down. The brawl went to the outside in the entrance way, where Sandman put a length of safety rail into the ring. Rhino came back and pasted Sandman with a chair, but it had no effect on him. Sandman placed the guardrail up in the ring and irish-whipped Rhino into the steel. He then took Rhino to the top and delivered a Heineken-rana onto the safety rail. Putting the length of safety rail on top of Rhino, Sandman came off the top with a backflip! It only earned him a two count.

Jack Victory and Steve Corino of the Network attacked Sandman, and took out the referee. This prompted Spike Dudley to attack Corino and Victory with a cane, and put the 3D on Corino. Rhino awoke and attacked Dudley, with Sandman saving him after a low blow. Rhino got back up and aimed to hit Sandman with a big splash, but hit Spike. Spike was then piledriven off the ring apron through a table.

Sandman had seen enough and attacked Rhino with his cane. The attack didn’t last long as Rhino hit a piledriver on the safety rail inside the ring, earning the pinfall and retaining the Television championship.

Rob Van Dam vs Scotty Anton
Van Dam started quickly, hitting Anton with a spinning heel kick. Anton went to the outside to slow the pace down, Van Dam followed. He executed a backflip off the safety rail. Fonzie laid a chair on Anton, who was draped over the safety rail. Van Dam came off the ring apron with a guillotine legdrop.

Van Dam continued the beating in the ring, sending Anton turnbuckle to turnbuckle and taking flight several times. Anton turned things around for himself by nailing Fonzie with a chair, and sending RVD into the safety rail from the top rope. Anton then pasted Van Dam with a chair. Standing on the ring apron, Anton flew off and slammed RVD’s head on the safety rail in a bulldog type maneuver.

Anton went back in the ring and worked on Van Dam’s leg and neck area. He put RVD in a chinlock, and made him clap his arms together like he was doing "The Clap." Anton got a chair and went to hit RVD with it, but RVD got a foot up and it hit Anton. Van Dam used a chair to setup Anton for his big move "The Van Terminator." He wasn’t able to get it just yet, and Anton locked on "the Clapper" in the middle of the ring. Van Dam made it out of the hold, but was out. He put Fonzie in the clapper, which woke up Van Dam, who hit the Van Daminator. He followed up with the five star frog splash. The new big move was up next, "Van Terminator." He hit it, and here is a description: Fonzie set a chair on Anton’s face, while Van Dam climbed on the top rope, dropkicking Anton all the way across the ring in the face. Van Dam wins the match after his new move.

World Title
Stairway to Hell Match
Tommy Dreamer (with Jazz and George) vs Justin Credible (with Francine)

George set the ladder up in the aisle way before the match and stood in the corner of Dreamer.

Apparently at the beginning of the match, some fans put their hands on Francine which angered Dreamer. Dreamer helped security and most of the ECW locker room escort the fans away from ringside.

Dreamer and Credible finally went at it, at a surprisingly technical style. Dreamer sent Credible over the top rope, and took a picture of him for a fan. The two brawled in the crowd, Credible emerging with a bloody face. They then went up to the announce booth, where Dreamer set up a ladder on top of a table. Dreamer took a spill off the ladder onto some tables below the announce booth.

Back at ringside, Credible was irish-whipped into a ladder, which was set up on the safety rail. Both men brawled back in the ring, where Dreamer was the first to try for the barbed wire. Francine stepped in and gave Dreamer a low blow, which caused him to fall off the ladder and land on Francine. George and Jazz got in the ring, Jazz went to attack Francine but was mauled by George. Francine and George hugged, and she went for the bronco buster. She missed, and Jazz attacked George. Jazz then pulled off Francine’s top, and her breasts were exposed. Credible tombstoned Jazz, allowing Dreamer to hit the "Tommyhawk." He only got a two count, but got the barbed wire hanging above the ring.

Dreamer wrapped the top rope in barbed wire, and sent Credible crotch-fist on to the rope. Credible was able to get to his feet, and hit the "That’s Incredible" on the wire. Dreamer kicked out. Francine attempted to hit Dreamer with a cane, but missed and hit Credible. Dreamer wasn’t able to capitalize, and Credible hit "That’s Incredible" once again on the barbed wire to retain the World title.