Hammerstein Ball Room
 New York City, New York
June 11, 2006


Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler

Lawler enters the ring and Joey Styles runs in after him and hops on his back. Tazz gets Lawler in a Tazz-mission and he is counted to three.  The whole event took about two minutes!


Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle

Randy Orton comes out to a fireworks display. Angle starts the match with a lot of submission moves.  Angle goes to spear Orton in the corner and misses and gets the ring post. Angle gets Orton in a half nelson on the mat.  Angel gets Orton with three German suplexes. Orton reverses an Angle slam. Orton is put in an ankle lock while the crowd chants break his ankle. Orton goes to the top and hits a high cross body and angle reverses the pin. Orton taps out from an ankle lock.


F.B.I. (Tony Mamaluke & Little Guide) vs. Super Crazy & Yoshihiro Tajiri

Mamaluke has Super Crazy in a submission hold and Tajiri walks in and kicks him to break the hold. Mamaluke has Super Crazy in a short arm scissors . Tajiri puts Guide in a tree of woe, Crazy puts Mamaluke in one and the two baseball slide into the men. Crazy in dragged to the outside by Big Vito and he gets pummeled on the outside. Tajiri has Mamaluke in some weird submission hold and Guido breaks the hold. Tajiri and Crazy put both men in tarantulas at the same time! Tajiri gets pinned after a double fisherman's buster. After the match The Big Show comes out and cleans house.


Sabu vs. Rey Mysterio (WWE World Champion)

The two start out with dueling chairs. Mysterio misses a 619. Tajiri gets a table from under the ring. Sabu gives Mysterio an Arabian face buster. Sabu stands in the table on the outside and Mysterio jumps on him breaking the table. Sabu sets up a chair, Mysterio sits him on it, and springboards . Mysterio is standing  on the table and Sabu jumps over the ropes and gives him a DDT. People come from the back and check on them after that fall. The match is a no contest.


Mick Foley & Edge with Lita vs. Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer with Beulah

Beulah makes an offer to Lita to make the match three on three. Funk gets the tag and slaps Foley around. Dreamer brings in a can of "goodies". Edge gets a ladder form under the ring. Foley and Funk make their way to the entrance area. Dreamer counters a spear into the ladder with a hip toss on the ladder. Funk puts the ladder on his shoulders and spins and cleans house. Funk and Dreamer set up the ladder. Funk climbs the ladder, Edge knocks it over. Dreamer had Edge on his shoulders and Lita comes in to save Edge with a kick in the crotch. Edge and Foley get a board of barbed wire. Dreamer gets slammed on it. Dreamer sets the board in the corner, Funk and Dreamer whip Foley into it. Foley slams the board onto Funk. Lita grabs barbed wire, hands it to Foley and he wraps his arm in it and pummels Funk with it. Trainers come and take Funk to the back because he can be heard saying "My Eyes". Foley finds socko and uses it on Beulah. Edge goes after Beulah. Funk comes back with his head wrapped up and a barbwire covered 2 x 4. Funk cleans house with it and lights it on fire. Dreamer gets Lita with a dreamer driver. Edge spears Beulah and pins her.


Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka

Balls gives Tanaka a fury of fists. Tanaka jumps over the ropes to the floor and gets pummeled. Balls gets a beer from the crowd, drinks some and punches Tanaka with it. Balls superplexes Tanaka off the top rope. The two duel with chairs. Balls gets a good shot on Tanaka and gets the win


Eugene comes out to read his poem. The Sandman comes out. He beats Eugene with a pair of Singapore canes


Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena (WWE Champion)

They start out with a collar and elbow tie-up. RVD goes for a enziguri Cena ducks but RVD hits him on the rebound. The two exchange fists. Cena takes RVD on a tour of the outside of the ring. RVD goes to the top of the railing and Cena pushes him into the crowd. RVD hits a guillotine leg drop on Cena. Cena blocks a split leg jump from the ropes with a chair. Cena sling shots RVD into a chair in the corner. RVD gets a table from under the ring. Cena gets the STF-U on RVD.  Cena goes after the referee and lays him out. Cena superplexes RVD off the top rope. Cena gets the stairs and lays out RVD. Nick Patrick comes out to officiate. Edge comes in and spears Cena through a table. RVD lands a shooting star press and goes for the referee. Paul Heyman comes out and counts the three count! RVD WINS WWE ECW Championship.