ECW Cyberslam 2000
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 22, 2000
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Masato Tanaka vs 2 Cold Scorpio
The show opened with the return of former ECW World Heavyweight champion Masato Tanaka, who came out to a thunderous ovation and a "Welcome Back" chant. His opponent, also returning from a successful tour of Japan, is former ECW World Television champion 2 Cold Scorpio. He also was greeted with a "Welcome Back " chant. They felt each other out early, trading holds and reversals. They traded monkey flips, then Scorpio scored with a superkick and an armdrag. Scorpio slipped on a top rope flying forearm attempt, but still connected. Masato came back with a modified powerbomb and a powerslam for a two count. Masato then hit a top rope dropkick for a two count. Scorpio used a bodyscissors to send Tanaka from the ring, then hit a baseball slide and a pescado. With Tanaka sent over the rail, Scorpio went to the top rope and hit a flying bodypress into the third row. After rolling Tanaka back in the ring, Scorpio slammed Tanaka and hit a double springboard into a moonsault press. After a back suplex, Scorpio went to the top and reversed his position in mid air for a splash and a two count. Tanaka battled back with a German suplex, then went for a two chairs. He hit Scorpio with a flying chair, then set up for the tornado DDT into two chairs, which he hit, but Scorpio managed to kick out at two. Masato went to the top with a chair, but Scorpio superkicked it into his face as he came off. Scorpio then hit a reverse elbow in the corner, a powerbomb, then a perfect moonsault for a near fall. Masato came back with a boot to the face of a charging Scorpio, then the roaring elbow for another two! Masato went up, and Scorpio caught him, but in the exchange, Masato caught him in the Diamond Dust, his somersault stunner, for the win in this incredible contest.


Lance Storm and Dawn Marie vs Nova and Jazz
Lance started off with Jazz, but Nova tagged in before they made contact. After trading reversals, Nova hit a drop toe hold that sent Storm into the bottom turnbuckle and tagged in Jazz. They hit an elbow/senton combo on Storm, and Jazz got a two count. Jazz hit a roll up for another two, but was kicked off through the ropes. On the floor, Dawn through Jazz in to the rail. Dawn then tagged in officially, hit a few slaps, and a snapmare for a two count. Storm quickly tagged back in, hitting a legdrop on Jazz for a two count. Storm chopped Jazz in the corner, but she reversed it and hit her own series of chops. Storm ten hit a pair of right hands and a bodyslam, then tagged in Dawn. She called for a chair, and set up for a DDT, but Jazz blocked it, and Storm got back in. Jazz hit a second rope rana on Storm then made the tag to Nova. Nova hit a low kick and a charging clothesline, followed by a bulldog for a two count. Nova got Novacaine, but Dawn broke up the pin. Jazz came back in, but Storm tripped her. Storm and Dawn went for a double clothesline on Jazz, but Nova pulled out Storm and Jazz hit a side slam on Dawn, followed by a monkey flip and a fireman's carry slam. Strom broke up the pin, but Jazz suplexed him, and Nova hit a senton bomb. A brawl broke up, but Nova was dumped to the floor, and Storm hit a superkick on Jazz for a two count. Storm set her for a powerbomb, but Nova broke it up. Jason then hit the ring, followed by Chris Chetti and they started to brawl. Justin Credible snuck in and hit a superkick while Nova was going for the Kryptonite Krunch on Storm, and both men collapsed to the mat, with Storm landing rudely on his neck. Jason and Chetti fought to the back. Jazz picked up Dawn Marie for a tombstone, but Justin came back in and caned her. Dawn then managed to cover Jazz for the win. After the match, Storm needed to be helped from the ring.


Super Crazy vs Little Guide vs Kid Kash
Guido went right for Crazy and the bell, and Kash joined him. However, that alliance didn't last long. Guido hit a forearm on a flying Crazy, and a monkey slip on Kid, who was then hit with a Crazy superkick and a second rope rocker dropper from Guido. Crazy was tripped by Guido and the two brawled on the floor. They went over the rail into the crowd, and Kash it a springboard somersault senton onto the whole pile, including Sal! Kash and Crazy made it back into the ring, where Kash hit a headscissors, but missed a dropkick. Kash hit a superkick and went to the top rope, where he launched into a flying rana. Another rana attempt was met with a powerbomb by Crazy. Guido got back in, and hit a legsweep on Kash, but Crazy gave Guido a spinning DDT. Crazy then hit a long brainbuster on Kid Kash to eliminate him. Guido delivered a second rope legsweep on Crazy, then stomped him in the corner. They battled on the ropes again, and Crazy hit a second rope sunset flip style powerbomb for a two. Crazy then went to the top, but dove on Big Sal instead. Crazy grabbed a chair and hit Guido, who had come out to the floor. Crazy went back in, and got caught with a rocker dropper into his own chair. Crazy then applied the surfboard to Guido ,and turned it into a rolling surfboard, then a crossface. The two started trading pinfall attempts, then Guido applied the Fujiwara armbar. Crazy didn't tap, so Guido dumped him to the floor. Sal put Crazy on a table, then Guido climbed up on Sal's shoulders, in the ring, and launched himself to the floor, putting Crazy through the table at ringside. Guido went for the Maritado, but Crazy escaped. Crazy then hit two moonsaults and went for the brainbuster, but this time Guido floated over, and hit the Maritado for the win. Little Guido wins the Three Way Dance.


Dangerous Alliance vs Danny Doring and Amish Roadkill
All four men went right at it, and Lou E. got caught in the action, sandwiched in the corner by his own team, and Roadkill! Roadkill then hit a side slam on Anderson, a powerslam on Billy, and Doring followed with an elbow drop from the top. Doring then hit the forward legsweep on Anderson, and followed with a low blow. Anderson went to the floor, but Doring leaped off the top rope onto Anderson. Doring and Roadkill hit the Hart Attack on Billy, and were firmly in control. Billy came back with a tilt-a-whirl, and the advantage started flying back and forth. Anderson hit a DDT on Roadkill and scored with a superkick when Roadkill went for a chair. Doring hit the G-Spot sweep on Billy, then hit the top rope legdrop. Roadkill went to the top for the splash, but the Dangerous Alliance was ready, and Roadkill was clocked with Lou E.'s phone by Anderson. With Roadkill out of the picture, Doring got caught in Anderson's spinebuster for the pin. After the match, Roadkill ripped off Elektra's coat, revealing her bra and panties, and Doring set her up for an Amish splash. Just then, Da Baldies hit the ring, and Roadkill was sent off the top rope through the table at ringside. The Alliance hightailed it out of there, and as Da Baldies stood tall, the music hit, and out came, NEW JACK! New Jack went ballistic on Da Baldies, using a fork to bloody DeVito, and smashing a guitar on Angel's head. New Jack then took it to the floor, and using DeVito like a ping-pong ball with the rails. DeVito somehow managed a comeback, hitting New Jack with a portable stereo, and grinding a piece of the broken guitar into Jack's head. New Jack responded with a window shutter to the head. DeVito brawled back and went for a moonsault, but Jack rolled out of the way. New Jack hit a perfect belly-to-belly suplex. Jack followed with the 187 flying chair to the head, and scored the pin. Angel had finally recovered, and attacked Jack, but Balls Mahoney, back from Japan, hit the ring! Balls blasted Angel with an incredibly brutal chairshot, then celebrated in the ring with a bloody, but victorious, New Jack.


Taping of Opening: Joey Styles and Joel Gertner came out to tape the opening of ECW on TNN, and welcome the fans to Cyberslam 2000. You will have to tune in to TNN next week to hear Joel's introduction, the written word cannot do it justice here. They introduced Steve Corino and Jack Victory, as Corino had something to say. Corino said he had been in ECW for seventeen months, as a 22 year old kid looking for an opportunity. He talked about the lack of respect he had been accorded from the ECW fans. Corino said he had done everything he had been asked to do, but he wasn't going to do it anymore. He said it was time for a new beginning, and he wanted to be acknowledged as "The Future" Steve Corino. Out came the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, who dragged Corino to the floor, and tossed him over the rail. It's Dusty vs. Corino at the ECW Arena.


Dusty Rhodes vs Steve Cornio
They fought in the crowd, and up the bleachers. Victory joined in, attacking Rhodes. Corino and Rhodes came back over the rail, with Corino bleeding, but in control. Soon, Dusty was busted open as well, and the brawl continued. They made it into the ring, where Dusty was peppered with punches by Corino. "The Future" then bit into the head of "The Dream." Corino pounded Rhodes in the corner, but Dusty came back with a pair of Bionic elbows, followed by the flip, flop and fly. Jack Victory then hit the ring and blasted Dusty with a cowbell. Corino took the bullrope, and wrapped it around his elbow. Corino then dropped an elbow on Dusty, and scored the pin. Steve Corino has pinned Dusty Rhodes at the ECW Arena. As Corino celebrated, Victory started setting up tables in the ring. Dusty, however, was being helped to the back. With Corino and Victory still in the ring, and tables propped up in two corners, "Enter Sandman" blared, and the Hardcore Icon made his way to the ring, through the crowd. After his usual entrance, Sandman caned Jack Victory, but was caught with a superkick by Corino. Corino went to hit Sandman with a cane, when Peaches ran in and took the stick, hitting Corino and Victory. Rhino came out, and went to gore her, but Sandman shoved her out of the way and took the hit through the table. Rhino then hoisted Peaches for a spinebuster into the other table, but Sandman put his body in front of it, and Rhino put man and wife through the wood. Cyrus called out Yoshihiro Tajiri and told him to give the TV Title belt to Rhino, at the behest of the network. Tajiri seemed confused by the request. The fans implored Tajiri not to do it, and to attack his "friends" in the ring. Cyrus started getting impatient, and started berating Yoshihiro. He demanded an answer from Tajiri, who responded by saying "F*** you". Rhino charged Tajiri, and we've got a match, as Tajiri caught Rhino with two stiff kicks.


Rhino vs Yoshihiro Tajiri (ECW TV Champion)
Tajiri hit a series of chops and kicks, then tied Rhino to the Tree of Woe, standing on his groin and hitting a baseball slide. Rhino planted Tajiri with a spinebuster, but Tajiri backdropped him over the top rope on a charge attempt. Rhino tried to get back in, but was dropkicked to the floor. Rhino tried to get back in with a chair, but Tajiri spun into a cartwheel and sent Rhino into the crowd by forcing the chair back into him. Tajiri then hit an Asai moonsault into the crowd. Back in the ring, Rhino muscled Tajiri up for a powerbomb, but only got a two count. Rhino whipped Tajiri into the ropes, but he came back with a handspring elbow, then a dropkick to the face. Tajiri pulled a table into the ring, then disappeared under the ring. He came back out with the crank for the ring, but before he could hit Rhino with it, Rhino kicked hit him in the gut. Rhino set up a table on the second rope, but Tajiri put Rhino in the octopus. Corino came in, but was treated to the green mist. Victory ran in, but he and Corino were kicked out by Tajiri. This allowed Rhino to then hit a piledriver for a two count. Rhino then hoisted Tajiri into a second piledriver, and got the pin.


Cyrus proclaimed Rhino the network's chosen champion, and said anyone in the back could come and get a piece of Rhino. Rob Van Dam and Scotty Anton, with Bill Alfonso, hit the ring. Anton took Corino over the top rope with a clothesline, while Van Dam hit Rhino with a few shots, then sent him flying with a spinkick. As Rhino and Co. retreated down the aisle, RVD hit a top rope somersault senton onto all of them. Standing triumphant in the ring, RVD was confronted with Cyrus, who said Van Dam had to work his way up the ladder. He said Van Dam's opponent at the next Pay-per-view, would be the "New F'N Show", Jerry Lynn! Making his return to ECW after an injury, Jerry Lynn came to the ring, and Van Dam and Bill Alfonso applauded him. Cyrus played up to Jerry, but Lynn would have nothing to do with the "network stooge" and shoved him on his rear. Cyrus took off, and Lynn said he wanted to have a talk with RVD. He told Van Dam to whip the grin off his face. Lynn talked about how when they were both injured, all the press was about Rob, and no one talked about him. Lynn said it was him that pushed RVD to his limits, and he would prove at Hardcore Heaven that he was not only the "New F'N Show", he was the "Whole F'N Show." Jerry even took a quick jab at Scotty before leaving the ring. Van Dam was more concerned with being given the finger by Lynn. Van Dam said that he never said anything about Lynn, other than that he was a great worker. However, he reiterated that he was the only man with the skills to be "The Whole F'N Show."


Tazz (ECW Heavyweight Champion) vs Tommy Dreamer
It's time for the main event, for the ECW World Heavyweight Title, as Tommy Dreamer and Tazz do battle in the ECW Arena for the first time since August of 1996. Dreamer applauded the champion as he made his way to the ring, and the fans greeted Tazz with a "Welcome Back" chant. They locked up, and traded headlocks, with no one getting an advantage. Tazz hit a Tazzplex, then delivered some crossfaces. They battled to the floor, and Dreamer caught Tazz with a chair after missing the initial swing. Dreamer then set up a chair on the bottom rope for a baseball slide, but Tazz pulled it away, and smashed Dreamer with it. Dreamer was sent flying over the guardrail, but he came back with a whip of his own, sending Tazz into the steel. Back in the ring, Tazz hit the head and leg Tazzplex, but Dreamer kicked out at two. Tazz went for the head and arm Tazzplex, but Tommy turned it into the Dreamer Driver for a two count. Dreamer set up for a superplex, but Tazz locked in the Tazzmission, which Dreamer broke with a low kick. Tazz got a two count with a Northern Lights suplex, but Dreamer came back with a Tiger Driver attempt. As he hooked him, Tazz pulled Dreamer's legs out from under him for a pin attempt, which Dreamer reversed into a sunset flip for the pin.


Interviews: Tazz and Tommy Dreamer
Several wrestlers came to ringside to applaud Dreamer. Tazz took the mic and talked about how wrestlers like himself, Dreamer, Shane Douglas, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Raven and Sandman built this place, with a crazy boss named Paul E. Tazz told Dreamer to wear the title with respect, and always give the fans their money's worth. Tazz then embraced Dreamer, and left the ring to a huge ovation. Dreamer then thanked his fans, and said he may never make it to Wrestlemania, and he doesn't want to make it to Starrcade, but he made it in ECW. The wrestlers then congratulated Tommy and left, except Raven and Francine. Raven then got in the ring, shook Tommy's hand, and embraced him. As Raven raised Dreamer's hand, Justin Credible and Jason hit the ring and ambushed them. Justin gave Raven That's Incredible, and caned Dreamer. Justin then said he was sick of hearing about Awesome and Tazz, and he was sick of the Tag Team Title. He spat on his tag title belt and said he didn't care about it, he wanted the World Title. He challenged Dreamer to a title match right now, and a bloody Dreamer said, "Ring The Bell."


Tommy Dreamer (ECW Heavyweight Champion) vs Justin Credible
In our second World Title match of the evening, Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible took it int othe crowd early. Dreamer was bleeding from the face, but as they made it into the ring, he went for the Spicolli driver. Justin floated over, and hit a reverse DDT for a two count. Justin hit a pullout powerbomb, then gave Dreamer a drop toe hold into a chair, which Dreamer hit face first into the back of. Justin hit a swinging DDT, but Dreamer fought back, hitting a stunner from a powerslam position. Francine, who stayed at ringside after Raven was helped to the back, assisted Dreamer in bridging a guardrail between the apron and rail. Justin went for a pedigree through the table, but Dreamer turned it into a Spicolli Driver, Back in the ring, Dreamer was distracted by Jason, and Justin hit That's Incredible. Dreamer managed to kick out at two. Dreamer then hit his DDT, but Justin kicked out. Dreamer then went for a Spicolli driver, but Francine ran in and hit a low blow on Dreamer while Jason distracted the referee!!! Justin then hit another That's Incredible, and we've got a New ECW World Heavyweight Champion. Francine then pulled off her shorts and Raven shirt to reveal a skimpy outfit, then joined Justin in saying "That's not just the coolest, that's not just the best, That's the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, and That's Justin Credible!"